Kelly Oubre Jr devrait être champion NBA en 2023, voici pourquoi

Kelly Oubre Jr should be NBA champion in 2023, here’s why

All teams aspiring to the title for the 2022-2023 season should consider recruiting Kelly Oubre Jr. Not necessarily because the former Kansas winger is a talented basketball player, even if that’s the case, but rather because a funny running streak in the NBA seems to indicate that he will be crowned NBA champion in less than a month. year. Take a look at what Reddit user Crazy Havoc noticed this week.

In 2011, Kawhi Leonard was drafted 15th by the Pacers, who immediately traded him to Spurs. In 2019, Leonard was crowned champion with the Raptors.

In 2012, Anthony Davis was drafted 1st by the Pelicans. In 2020, he became NBA champion with the Lakers.

In 2013, Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected 15th overall by the Bucks. In 2021, the “Greek Freak” won his first championship ring with Milwaukee.

In 2014, Andrew Wiggins was picked No. 1 by the Cavs, who then traded him to Minnesota. In 2022, the Canadian won the title with the Warriors.

In the logic of this alternation, the 15th pick of the 2015 Draft should take the same path and lift the Larry O’Brien trophy in 2023. And the lucky winner is therefore… Kelly Oubre Jr.

A slightly superstitious team that does not believe in chance will notice that Kelly Oubre has only one year left of his contract with the Hornets and is therefore an ideal target for a trade. Oubre is expected to make $12.6 million this season and averaged 15 points in Charlotte last season.

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