Jack Dorsey, portrait du créateur de Twitter et Square

Jack Dorsey, portrait of the founder of Twitter and Square

Creator of the famous social network Twitter and the mobile and electronic payment system Block (formerly Square), Jack Dorsey is a passionate visionary of new technologies. Let’s discover this entrepreneur with a unique style, his background, his fortune, his hobbies and his vision of what an entrepreneur should be.

Who is Jack Dorsey?

Well known today in the world of social networks, fintech and crypto-currencies, the American entrepreneur Jack Dorsey was born in 1976 and quickly showed a keen interest in computing.

Passionate about programming, he took an early interest in the challenges of communication in IT. From the age of 15, he worked on software in the fields of routing and dispatching, in particular for taxis and delivery people, which are still used by taxi companies today.

Although he dropped out of college before graduating, he embarked on several projects. Some fail while others become benchmarks in their industries like Twitter or Block.

According to Forbes, Jack Dorsey’s fortune at the time of this writing was $4.9 billion, ranking him 418th place in the list of billionaires in real time. Jack Dorsey ranks 418th in Forbes’ list of 2022 billionaires and 53th in the Forbes 400 list of 2021.

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Jack Dorsey: Founder of Twitter

Co-founder of the popular microblogging site Twitter with Biz Stone and Evan Williams in 2006, Jack Dorsey has not always remained at the helm of the company. He left the company after being ousted as CEO in 2008 to focus on his other company: Square.

He is, however, at the head of the company again in 2015 to develop the business model of Twitter and find new ideas beyond the traditional tweets composed of 140 characters maximum. It even led Twitter to profitability in 2018.

More than 15 years after founding the company, Jack Dorsey is stepping down as CEO at the end of 2021 and leaving Twitter’s board of directors in 2022. Will things change with the aftermath of the Twitter takeover deal? Elon Musk?

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Jack Dorsey: Square Founder

Square is Jack Dorsey’s other tech company. Specializing in mobile and electronic payment, the company was renamed Block at the end of 2021 to reflect its interest in developing and supporting the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in its services.

Founded in 2009, the company has incorporated a significant amount of Bitcoin (BTC) tokens into its balance sheet. In addition, it offers services for buying and selling Bitcoins – not to mention that it is developing a BTC mining service and working on creating a Bitcoin wallet.

The company also wants to provide a platform for developers to create DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects around Bitcoin to support the creation of blockchain-based financial services.

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Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin

Regularly making himself the passionate advocate of Bitcoin, Jack Dorsey is a major figure in the world of crypto-currencies or rather that of the most important token in the world, Bitcoin (BTC).

He sees Bitcoin as a currency that has the potential to replace the US dollar (USD) in the future, as cryptocurrency becomes more accessible to the general public.

But the biggest market for Bitcoin according to Jack Dorsey remains Africa. Bitcoin could indeed become a springboard for an acceleration of the economy of the African continent.

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Interests and hobbies of Jack Dorsey

Before throwing himself headlong into the tech industry, Jack Dorsey had an interest in fashion and even considered becoming a fashion designer to harness his artistic inclination. This is one of the reasons why he took drawing lessons.

He also appreciates physical maintenance, meditation and yoga which allow him to establish a kind of “Zen leadership”. He explains that this healthier lifestyle allows for more coherent thinking and a better understanding of oneself (and others). It’s also a way to nurture your creativity.

As a tech entrepreneur, Jack Dorsey is fascinated by blockchain technology and Bitcoin in which he invests heavily. He also uses the hashtag Bitcoin in his biography on his Twitter account (#bitcoin).

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Quote from Jack Dorsey

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job – it’s a role, an attitude. It is something that can happen again and again and again. »

For Jack Dorsey, the creation of a company is not the only key moment in the life of a project… Companies evolve over time and experience many important founding moments that must be recognized, because ideas that can change the course of a society can come from anywhere.

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