NBA Frank Ntilikina avec les Mavericks

“It was Frank Ntilikina who authorized me to do this”

Eagerly awaited on his arrival at the Knicks, Frank Ntilikina did not meet the success he hoped for. A year after leaving New York, the young French back would still have had a say in the recent decision of a big name in the franchise!

Welcomed by the whistles of Barclays Center to the Knicks during the 2017 Draft, he left them four years later in relative discretion. Unable to express all his talent in New York, Frank Ntilikina joined the Mavericks when his rookie contract expired. A wise destination, since it occupies a non-negligible role in Dallas off the bench. All while continuing to influence the choices made in his former team.

The nice wink of Jalen Brunson for Frank Ntilikina

If he can now rejoice in his departure from the Big Apple, Ntilikina recently saw one of his teammates in Texas take the opposite path. Jalen Brunson has indeed decided to sign at a golden price to the Knicks, and will wear the number 11 that Frankie Smokes released before him. Asked this Thursday about the reasons for this choice, the New York rookie took the opportunity to send a brilliant message to the French!

Julito McCullum: Why did you choose #11, man?

Jalen Brunson: The French Prince authorized me to do so. Dedication to @FrankLikina who is celebrating his birthday

Without really answering the question of his interlocutor, Brunson therefore wanted to greet Ntilikina, whose old tunic he will try to honor at Madison Square Garden.

By choosing to wear the 11 on his back, the combo-guard also imitated Rod Strickland, Bob McAdoo, Jamal Crawford, or even Derek Harper. An ultimate predecessor that he would also have consulted before making his decision:

Dave Greenfield: You wanted to pay tribute to Derek Harper who would have been MVP of the ’94 Finals (if the Knicks had won)

Jalen Brunson: He also gave me his blessing lol

As a great gentleman, Jalen Brunson slipped a word on Frank Ntilikina when recovering his number 11 at the Knicks. The French Prince for his part must have wished him that this jersey brings him more luck than him!

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