Le joueur NBA français des New York Knicks, Evan Fournier, s'est fendu d'un tweet viral durant la demi-finale de l'Euro de foot féminin opposant l'équipe de France à l'Allemagne

In the middle of the Bleues match, Evan Fournier’s viral tweet on women’s football

The French NBA player of the New York Knicks, Evan Fournier, split a viral tweet during the semi-final of the Women's Euro football between the France team and Germany

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Fan of basketball, but above all of sport, Evan Fournier was in front of his television to follow the semi-final of the Women’s Football Euro between the France team and Germany, this Wednesday. A meeting that prompted him to deliver a very clear opinion on the game developed by the 22 actresses!

With high-level judoka parents, he naturally immersed himself in sport from an early age, and also made a career there. And although he has opted for basketball, Evan Fournier is nonetheless a fan of other disciplines. Starting with football, which he tries to follow as regularly as possible, whether it concerns men or women.

Evan Fournier shocked by the intensity of women’s football

This Wednesday, Fournier was thus part of the approximately seven million French viewers present in front of their screen to attend the meeting between the France team and Germany, who were fighting for a ticket for the Euro final. A match that unfortunately Corine Deacon’s players were unable to win, defeated 1-2 by their opponents, but which particularly struck the rear of the Knicks… with its roughness!

Women’s football does it play more physical than men’s football or what?? Cinder blocks on every action lol

Relatively closed, this part between French and German women has indeed come close to a big showdown. Evidenced by the 20 whistles of the referee and the 4 yellow cards distributed. Evan did not fail to underline this particularity, which according to him denotes compared to a male football match. An opinion mostly shared by his Twitter followers, who took the opportunity to tease him about his own defensive performance in the NBA:

It’s carnage mdrrrr that big tackles

Of course the Knicks defense was much softer this season 😄

Novice in women’s football, Evan Fournier was surprised at the physical impact made by France and Germany during the semi-final of the Euro. Unfortunately, this muscular formula did not prove to be a winner for Les Bleues.

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