Michael Jordan a été comparé à Ja Morant par Draymond Green pendant Warriors Grizzlies

Draymond Green atomized after his comments on Michael Jordan and the Bulls!

Michael Jordan was compared to Ja Morant by Draymond Green during Warriors Grizzlies

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In overconfidence since the coronation of his Warriors, Draymond Green no longer hesitates to attack anyone, including Michael Jordan and Chicago. His recent comments on Twitter, however, have earned him fire everywhere. It must be said that he had looked for it a little…

Decidedly, it seems that Michael Jordan does not inspire the greatest respect in current players, lately. For the past few weeks, provocative outings concerning the ex-back and his Bulls have become more and more frequent. Ja Morant notably launched hostilities recently, claiming that he would be able to put misery in His Airness in 1-vs-1. Now it’s the turn of an NBA champion to make similar comments.

Indeed, Draymond Green decided to strike a very big blow, declaring that his Warriors could have easily got rid of Windy City. In this case, it refers to the Dubs version 2016-17 and the Bulls of 1997-98, during the Finals opposing them to Jazz. According to the quadruple champion, the style of play then practiced by MJ & co. would have condemned them against the men of the Bay. Recall that the squad in question from Golden State included the Big Three Curry-Thompson-Greenbut also Kevin Durant.

Green trashed for 1997-98 Bulls comments

On paper, the confrontation would therefore obviously be worth a look, although no one can say with certainty who would emerge victorious. However, the vast majority of fans were outraged by the Dancing Bear speech, the Chi-Town team of the time being considered one of the best all-timers. The responses were therefore quite brutal, in particular vis-à-vis the DPOY 2017. Internet users thus let him know that he would not have made the weight against his potential vis-à-vis:

Your stats if the 2017 Warriors had faced the 1998 Bulls

You are more limited offensively than Dennis Rodman blindfolded

Man… The Warriors can’t beat the Bulls by 96 or 98. Rodman would have locked you out. MJ would have stopped Curry. Pippen would have stopped KD. Ron Harper on Klay.

Draymond Green drew the wrath of the whole world with his remarks on the Bulls of 1997-98, that’s for sure. Getting into science fiction like this rarely ends well, especially when you’re targeting Michael Jordan and the like.

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