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Crazy weight clause in Zion Williamson’s new contract!

It’s no secret that Zion Williamson has been struggling with serious weight issues since joining the NBA. To remedy this, the Pelicans have put the dishes in the big and have initialed a very specific clause to their star. One last resort…

And if the 4th was the right one? After 3 seasons already, marked by repeated injuries and a physical condition as mysterious as it is fluctuating, Zion Williamson finally seems in good spirits. In recent months, the strong winger would have had an awareness, which notably prompted him to secure the services of a chef. All smiles when signing his extension in New Orleans, the Z promised the fans that he would not let them down, suggesting, finally, an upturn.

While Zion’s raw talent has never been challenged by anyone, his fitness is at the heart of all the issues. Often overweight, the colossus has not managed to be 100% healthy since joining the NBA in 2019. A problem that the Pelicans intend to solve with the hard way.

A weight clause integrated into the Zion contract

NOLA News reporter Christian Clark reveals that if Williamson can’t control his weight, he’ll have to… checkout! Here are the explanations:

According to sources, Williamson’s contract stipulates that he will be subject to regular weigh-ins during the entirety of his new contract. The sum of his weight and body fat percentage must not exceed 295. Otherwise, the sum received by Williamson will be reduced.

What does this total figure of 295 mean? Generally, basketball players have an estimated fat level between 6% and 12%. In the most docile case, which would allow Zion to have 12% body fat, his weight would therefore not be able to exceed 283 pounds, in order to meet the overall limit of 295.

As a reminder, 283 pounds is equivalent to 128 kilos. However, Williamson has never dropped below 130 kilos since his arrival in the league. Worse, he sometimes flirted with 140 or even 150 kilos, cheerfully exploding the 300-pound mark. It is therefore indeed a real revolution, to which the player has joined, and which could well change a lot of things for him and the Pelicans.

Authors of a promising end to the season after the arrival of CJ McCollum and the emergence of Brandon Ingram, Willie Green’s men could become serious spoilsports in the West if they recover a Zion in full swing and at the point physically, able to land double-doubles at 27-10 with his eyes closed. A sweet dream for now, which could come true if the former Dukie finally manages to control his body and his appetite.

This 4th season in the NBA looks like the big take-off or never for Zion Williamson, who signed this oh so symbolic and important clause. It’s up to him now, because fans dream of enjoying the monster for an entire season.

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