NBA Le surpoids fou de Zion Williamson

Annoyed, the drastic measures taken by Zion Williamson!

Frustrated by his blank year, by those who no longer believe in him and by the ridicule, Zion Williamson is determined to attack the coming season with a knife between his teeth. To achieve this, the colossus took the necessary measures. Finally.

Time flies, and this is even truer on the scale of a sports career. Believe it or not, but in the fall, it is indeed his 4th season in the NBA that Zion Williamson will start. It has already been 3 years since between recurring injuries, weight problems, controversies and noise from the corridors, the one who landed in the league in 2019 has never been able to reach the extent of his potential. Reinforced by the extension signed in New Orleans, the Z knows it: it’s make or break in 2022-2023.

Zion Williamson drastically changes his lifestyle

After having long been dilettante about his way of life, the former Duke has changed completely according to Will Guillory, who looked into the matter in The Athletic. And there is enough to make Pelicans fans smile, even those who no longer believed in it.

Williamson knows full well how much of a discussion her weight has been. And if he has always tried to say the right things in front of the cameras, people around him confirm that the permanent mockery he has had to manage particularly annoys him. It’s not just about the jokes. From what I’ve heard, what Zion hates is that people use his weight gain to say that he doesn’t work hard enough, or that he doesn’t care about doing what it takes to reach his potential.

In addition to weight clause introduced by the Pelicans in his contract, Zion seems to have clicked. The golgoth has finally changed its way of life, as Guillory confirms:

Williamson has always said he has a deep love for basketball, and is determined to reach his potential. At the time these lines are written, he has done everything necessary to put as many chances as possible on his side. He works hard with a personal trainer, Jasper Bibbs, to get his body back where it needs to be. He has also hired a personal chef, who makes sure he eats properly. And having seen Zion up close this summer, it’s obvious he’s explosive again.

This avalanche of encouraging elements did not go unnoticed, since American punters rushed to the “Zion Williamson MVP” bet!

Zion Williamson has received the most bets to be next season’s MVP 💰

Caesar’s therefore lowered its rating.

Finally the year of the (re) birth in the NBA? In any case, for the first time, Zion Williamson is doing everything to achieve this. Let’s hope his body takes the shock, and that the monster can delight us for an entire season!

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