Adam Silver surprised by outstanding NBA financial results

Adam Silver surprised by outstanding NBA financial results

The rebound was quick for the NBA. While she could fear a drop following the pandemic, and deserted rooms, the opposite happened, allowing the league to exceed 10 billion in revenue!

“The numbers surprised me to a certain extent because they exceeded our forecasts”has also recognized the commissioner. “To the extent that our projections represent what we believe is the direction of our business, surpassing $10 billion in revenue is clearly a record for this league. I think it’s quite remarkable compared to the situation we found ourselves in just two and a half years ago, when the future of this industry was in question, partly because of the pandemic and also the people wondering if fans would want to continue to congregate in arenas and stadiums like they do. »

With the Covid-19, many wondered if sports fans would still want to gather en masse in closed enclosures, even when the worst was over. And the answer is clearly yes.

“I think the last season showed that there was an incredible, pending demand from people to go out and be with other people”continued Adam Silver. “I think there’s something unique and special about being around other people. Whether you’re there to cheer or to taunt, there’s something really special about it. Especially, I think, for arena and stadium sports. »

The proof is that all the playoff matches were sold out!

“We are coming out of the playoffs where every game has been sold out, which is remarkable”noted the boss of the league. “Our ratings have increased significantly this season. I am satisfied. I am grateful to our fans for returning in droves and continuing to support our players. I also think we were lucky – because I’ve been doing this for a long time – to have particularly competitive playoffs this year. I’m always careful when it comes to making predictions because we’ve all learned the hard way with this virus that things can happen whether it’s variants or other aspects that we don’t can’t predict. But I think our meetings have been optimistic because people feel we’ve gotten through the worst and we’re back on track for next season. »

What to be also optimistic for the negotiations with the players within the framework of the new collective agreement, which have just started. The NBA has managed the pandemic well, it is doing very well financially and therefore there is little risk that owners and players will not find common ground in order to avoid a “lockout”.

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