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Cdric, you are the general manager of Amarris Franchise and Amarris Groupe, in what context are you launching a web series linked to the installation of young chartered accountants?

It’s very simple, you can look on the internet, there are very few recent productions (articles, videos, etc.) dealing with the installation of young chartered accountants. There are of course communications from the CJEC, elements on Compta Online, but that’s almost all.

We have therefore decided to address those who are thinking of getting started, who have a short, medium or even long term project. We wanted to share our knowledge / information with a tone that resembles us. We have therefore opted for a relaxed web series which, through around 15 episodes of a maximum of 5 minutes, addresses the main questions young accountants ask themselves.

Who is this webseries for?

I assure you, this is not a webseries the glory of Amarris Franchise. It is aimed at all chartered accountants or future chartered accountants who have the idea of ​​setting up one day or another. I try to remain relatively neutral but committed because I have strong convictions on certain subjects.

How will the episodes be accessible?

It’s very simple, you just need to subscribe to the web series to have free and unlimited access to all the episodes as they are broadcast. Following their registration, subscribers will receive an email and will discover a dedicated member area, where they can watch the different episodes of our webseries whenever they want! A little surprise for Compta Online readers, here is a preview of an excerpt from our web series.

Can you give us examples of the topics covered?

Of course ! The first episode will deal with the form of installation (alone or in a network), the second will deal with business tools, there will be quite a few episodes on the whole sales / communication aspect, very pragmatic episodes on the local, the website, episodes on the possibilities of subcontracting,… and if there are any missing, just tell us and we will suggest specific episodes.

Are you taking the opportunity to launch a support community on Facebook?

That’s it! Because this web series does not address all the subjects, does not go into all the details but also to help future chartered accountants or young graduates, we are launching a community of mutual aid which is only for them and on which they can freely change.

To conclude and return to Amarris Franchise, how did you come up with the idea of ​​franchising in chartered accountancy?

Amarris Franchise is a subsidiary of Amarris Groupe which was created ex-nihilo 20 years ago by Claude Robin and whose main activity is chartered accountancy, whether remote with its subsidiaries Amarris Direct (formerly ECL Direct) and Amarris Immo or nearby with Amarris Contact. At the end of 2018, we decided to offer all our remote customers a local site for those who have other needs than those covered by remote. Until then we were physically present only in Loire Atlantique. In 2019, we are therefore opening a Paris office and a Lyon office.

At the same time, to accelerate this local development, we decided to franchise our model of local accounting expertise. We are supported by experts from the French Franchise Federation to work on our offer and are launching Amarris Franchise in 2020 by addressing young chartered accountants who wish to get started. The objective is to animate a community of independent local entrepreneurs.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our website!

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