Les superstars NBA Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving et LeBron James bientôt réunis sous les couleurs des Los Angeles Lakers ?

A Kyrie-Durant-LeBron Big Three at the Lakers? The news declared incendiary!

As unlikely as it may seem, the rumor sending Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the Lakers to join LeBron James has been gaining momentum in recent days. A US insider even gave him even more credit in his recent viral release!

As could be expected at the end of last season, the divorce seems to have been consummated between the Nets and their two main stars. We only had to wait a few days after the start of the offseason to see Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sent away from Brooklyn in the rumors. The respective situations of the two men nevertheless remain incomparable.

Tired of too many turmoil within the franchise, KD transmitted to his superiors a trade request as the free agency approached. As far as Kyrie is concerned, it is the New York leaders who want to part with her, despite the will expressed by their player. The latter could therefore join the Lakers, the only contenders for his arrival, but may well not land there alone.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving still sent to the Lakers

Interested in the services of Irving, the Lakers could take advantage of the chaos at the Nets to do a double blow, and attract Durant at the same time. In any case, this is what Gilbert Arenas has already suggested to them. a few days ago. The former leader is not the only one to hold this speech, since an anonymous insider offered the same advice to the Angelinos, in remarks reported by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report :

Kyrie is the move for the Lakers. They should offer Brooklyn Davis with Westbrook, and try to get Kevin Durant back. AD and a pick is the package that will come closest to what the Nets are asking for KD.

First of all, let us specify that this “simple” transfer with 4 players and a pick would be valid on the financial level.

However, LA’s offer here seems very insufficient to win two big names such as Kyrie and KD. In effect, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis do not appear to be a sufficient bargaining chip. Because while the Brodie did not put one foot in front of the other last year, the Unibrow remains a source of concern about his still very fragile physique.

Likewise, the mere addition of a draft pick, including a first-round pick, shouldn’t help the Purple & Gold go down the pill. Therefore, the latter could try to set up a more attractive deal for Brooklyn, like the 6-player one presented recently. Despite everything, Rob Pelinka will have to be very convincing to achieve such a masterstroke!

Unimaginable a few weeks ago, the trio Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving-LeBron James is seen more and more often mentioned as feasible for the Lakers. Not sure the Nets are desperate enough to accept the mediocre offers from the Angelinos!

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