Rudy Gobert

A confused kid after Rudy Gobert’s remark!

Now a Minnesota player, Rudy Gobert was presented with great fanfare by his new franchise a few weeks ago. The opportunity for him to meet some children from the region who had been invited, and to have a rather brilliant exchange with one of them!

In Utah, everyone will tell you: beyond his prowess on the field, blocks, rebounds, defensive IQ and everything that makes him a multiple All-Star, Rudy Gobert is what we call a good guy. Much appreciated in the community of Salt Lake City and the surrounding area, the native of Saint-Quentin had established several links with regular Jazz fans, as well as many children for whom he always found some time. And that is appreciated.

The inhabitants of Minneaopolis can be certain that the French landed at the Wolves in the same dispositions, and he showed it from his presentation conference. After recalling his great ambition alongside Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and others, Gobert also showed his more laughing side.

A blond trolled by Rudy Gobert!

As he passed by a group of young children, very happy to be there, the pivot was challenged by one of them about his large size. The sequence gave rise to a rather hilarious exchange, which we invite you to discover below:

Child: “Hey Rudy, how tall are you? »

Gobert: “1m96”

Child: “1m… What?! Stop lying ! (laughs)”

With this tongue-in-cheek joke, Rudy Gobert caused hilarity around him. A reminder that the character is often misunderstood in the United States, and that the image given to him often does not match what he really is. In any case, the baptism of fire was successful with this presentation mastered from all points of view. Now on to the main thing: the land.

Karl-Anthony Towns in the lead, Wolves’ major players have been very vocal about their intentions for the coming season. In a Western Conference still as strong, it will be necessary to assume these words and get out of the game. In any case, Minnesota will undoubtedly be one of the most intriguing teams to follow next year.

Like in Utah, there’s no reason Rudy Gobert shouldn’t be quickly embraced by the Minneapolis community. And given this kind of sequence, we can only understand why!

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