Les Whales

Understand “Whales” in just 3 minutes

A study tends to show that more than half of all Bitcoins available on the market are held by less than 0.1% of crypto wallets. But who are these big holders? Some are known and do not hide it, while others seek discretion or maintain mystery.

What are whales?

In the crypto ecosystem, the English term “whale” or “crypto whale” originally designates a whale. That is, an investor who owns a lot of Bitcoins. Nowadays, this qualifier is valid for all cryptocurrencies. It can be an individual, a company or an investment fund.

However, anyone with a large amount of a token is not a whale. Indeed, if the digital asset has a low capitalization, it will not allow the holder to have the title of “crypto whale”. Even if this status of whale is subjective, it is considered that from the moment a person is able to vary prices up or down on their own, on a highly capitalized project, it is indeed a whale.

The Whales (stats)The Whalestats website monitors the 5000 largest ethereum wallets on the market.

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