Kelly Oubre prend feu avec les Hornets

The crazy conspiracy theory about Kelly Oubre!

Kelly Oubre Jr. is a solid big league player, but he’s far from getting the most attention. However, this could quickly change… Indeed, a completely crazy theory has been circulating about it recently, and it is supported by solid facts.

For his first season with the Hornets, Kelly Oubre Jr. did not make a lot of waves. Sixth man in North Carolina, he averaged 15 points, 4 rebounds and 1 steal, a good performance considering that it is almost identical to the one he had at the Warriors, where he started. However, its role could change drastically in 2022-23: Miles Bridges being close to being sentenced to a heavy prison sentencehe could well recover his spot in the five major.

However, it turns out that the winger could be followed very closely at the same time, in the months to come. Indeed, a rather crazy theory has just emerged on social networks, and it directly concerns “Tsunami Papi”. As the 15th pick of the 2015 draft, he would thus follow a rather fascinating pattern since the 2011 vintage. If nothing changes, then it would be the men of Buzz City who would finish crowned next June, as long as he is still in the roster!

The Hornets champions in 2022-23 thanks to Kelly Oubre?

– In 2011, Kawhi Leonard was drafted with the 15th pick. In 2019, he won the title with the Raptors.
– In 2012, Anthony Davis was selected with the first draft pick. In 2020, he became champion with the Lakers.
– In 2013, Giannis Antetokounmpo was drafted with the 15th pick. In 2021, he won the title with the Bucks.
– In 2014, Andrew Wiggins was selected with the first draft pick. In 2022, he became champion with the Warriors.

For the trouble, it’s a rather mind-blowing accumulation of chances that stands there before our eyes. Of course, everyone now wants to know if Oubre Jr. can continue this new “tradition”… The difference is that the Hornets have a much smaller workforce than the franchises mentioned above. Not passing the Play-In for two years, their chances of going to the end therefore seem particularly weak, according to the fans.

So you think the Hornets are going to be champions in 2023?? Are you ready to bet your house on it???

Could Kelly Oubre Jr. be a good luck charm for the Hornets? It would be incredible, but it seems very unlikely. To see also what will happen in 2023-24: this time, it will be Ben Simmons who will occupy this role, he who is waiting to make his debut with the Nets.

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