Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

Steph Curry trains one-on-one with ex-Laker free agent!

NBA champion or not, Steph Curry maintains a tremendous work ethic. The Chief was therefore seen in the room in the middle of a session… but he was not alone, since his session took place in the company of a free agent, who recently played for the Lakers.

Behind the crazy shots, the highlights and the celebrations, we would almost forget that if Steph Curry is admired by his peers, it is for his surgical approach to his craft. A hard worker at heart, the Warriors point guard is not one of those who chooses not to touch the ball during the summer: Baby Face goes to the gym whenever he can, just to feel the leather and d maintain his status as the greatest shooter in the history of basketball.

Steph Curry seen in the middle of a workout with an ex-Laker

If Curry is rather discreet on his social networks, it was displayed by his partner of the day during a recent session: Kent Bazemore. Here is the player’s story below:

Just Steph having a session with a free agent.

The question obviously immediately arose: Kent Bazemore, looking for a team, could he sign his return to the Warriors in the coming days? As a reminder, the veteran played the 2020-2021 season in the Golden State jersey.

At the end of this campaign, he had snubbed the Dubs to join the Lakers, dreaming of a major role in the rotation and an NBA ring. Of course, history proved him wrong and the winger flopped in the city of angels, never managing to find rhythm and playing time to match his expectations.

At 33, Baze is certainly no longer the player he was, but he has the merit of being a reliable shooter if he is put in the right arrangements, and he knows the franchise like the back of his hand to do so. having already played twice (he was also a Warrior between 2012 and 2014, editor’s note). It remains to be seen whether the front office has any interest in him. And that, no one knows at this stage.

Kent Bazmore did not hesitate to show himself alongside Steph Curry, freshly NBA champion and MVP of the Finals. A way to raise his rating, or a real Golden State track? The future will tell…

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