Qlik announces support for Amazon Redshift Serverless

Qlik announces support for Amazon Redshift Serverless

Qlik® announces support for the Amazon Redshift Serverless cloud data warehouse, with integrations for the Qlik Sense® cloud analytics platform and the Qlik Data Integration platform. As enterprises seek to enable their mission-critical data sources such as SAP and mainframe systems for cloud analytics at scale, they will now be able to rely on Qlik’s solutions alongside Amazon Redshift Serverless to provide relevant and timely data to their business users when they need it most to make decisions.

“Qlik has a long history with Amazon Redshift, supporting its customers since its inception 10 years ago,” recalls Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “Combining Amazon Redshift Serverless with Qlik Data Integration ensures our joint customers have the data they need, from systems like SAP and mainframes, to perform on-demand analytics. They also benefit, thanks to the cloud, from the possibility of adapting the analytical capacities of Qlik Sense, in order to share them with all the teams of the company which rely on the data to make decisions. »

Support for Amazon Redshift Serverless is the latest advancement in Qlik’s ongoing collaboration with AWS, focused on maximizing the value of enterprise data for cloud analytics. Last year, Qlik launched a collaborative solution with AWS to help companies get more value out of their SAP data by using Qlik Data Integration to deliver real-time analytics-ready data into AWS. This solution leverages Qlik’s deep expertise in accessing and transforming SAP data for analysis through flagship initiatives in cloud data warehouse, data lake, and machine. Learning.

“The ability to more easily access and integrate SAP data for analysis and decision-making optimization unlocks more value from one of our most important data sources. By feeding our AWS environment through Qlik Data Integration, we are able to better leverage our SAP data as part of our more general approach to becoming a fully data-driven company,” said Clint Clark, VP Finance Performance Systems & Data at Schneider Electric.

Qlik has been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2020 and achieved AWS Migration & Modernization Competency Certification in 2021. Its Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and Qlik Data Integration offerings are both available on AWS Marketplace. The breadth and depth of integrations and designations ensure organizations can confidently deploy Qlik technologies alongside AWS to get more value from all their data in the cloud.

“Our customers highly value Amazon Redshift’s excellent price-performance ratio and rich SQL functionality, including new capabilities such as semi-structured data, machine learning, and data sharing. As the volumes of data to analyze grow, companies want to make Redshift even more widely accessible to users who are not data warehouse experts,” said Yan Leshinsky, VP Amazon Redshift. “With Redshift Serverless, our customers get all the benefits of Redshift, plus ease of use. Simplicity and automation along with the “Pay As You Go” model make Amazon Redshift the most obvious and cost-effective choice for these dynamic business environments. »


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