Le missile intercepteur Aquila, développé par MBDA, doit être capable de détruire les missile

Hypersonic missiles: the underside of Europe’s slap in the face at MBDA

A monumental slap. MBDA dreamed of being the European champion of hypersonic missiles (speed greater than Mach 5), direct competitor of American, Russian or Chinese groups in this ultra-strategic segment. The defeat of the group, beaten by a consortium led by the Spanish Sener in the major competition for the development of a hypersonic interceptor missile (EU HYDEF project), is a huge setback to the ambitions of the missile co-owned by Airbus (37 .5%), BAE Systems (37.5%) and Leonardo (25%). This 36-month project, endowed with 110 million dollars and financed by the new European Defense Fund (EDF), aims to work on the concept of a hypersonic endo-atmospheric (upper layer of the atmosphere) interceptor capable of treating threats by 2035.

On paper, MBDA was the clear favorite. European leader in the missile sector (4.2 billion euros in turnover, 13,000 employees), the group is the only player on the Old Continent to compete with the world giants (the Americans Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, the Israeli Rafael, the Russian Almaz-Antei), with 16% global market share and 43% in Europe. He is also at the forefront on the subject of hypersonics. “MBDA has been working on hypersonics for a long time: we are developing hypersonic armament (the future ASN4 airborne nuclear missile, editor’s note), underlined the group’s CEO, Eric Béranger, during the presentation of the group’s 2021 results on April 6. In terms of capabilities on the subject, MBDA has nothing to envy to anyone.”

Aquila Missile

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