How to invest in blockchain technology without buying cryptocurrencies?

How to invest in blockchain technology without buying cryptocurrencies?

Investing in blockchain through the stock exchange

ETFs (exchange-traded funds), stocks, and even derivatives like futures, are all ways to invest in the blockchain indirectly.

You can invest in shares of groups related to cryptocurrencies, such as Coinbase Where PayPalwhich facilitates the trading and transfer of cryptocurrencies.

Numerous actions in the field of cloud computing, including Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet, could be profitable long-term investments. All of these tech companies are investing in blockchain technologies.

Finally, you can invest in one of the major cryptocurrency miners, like Riot Blockchain, or in companies that provide components needed for mining like Nvidia.

Nvidia announces graphics cards dedicated to mining, the Nvidia CMP! The company has also limited the mining capabilities of the RTX 3060: according to the manufacturer, a graphics card is mainly made for gaming.

Cryptocurrency futures and options are more risky to me than buying cryptocurrencies. You have to be careful.

Invest directly in crypto startups

Wealthier investors can directly fund startups that are moving into blockchain technology. For example, you can consider making an investment in one of the many private companies that develop cryptocurrency platforms. They are the best bet if you want to invest in companies specializing in blockchain technologies without buying cryptocurrencies.

Examples include Lyzi in France, which develops payment solutions in cryptocurrencies; or even VERIFIED, which links crypto wallets to the social network account.

From June 8, Beaugrenelle will become the first French shopping center to accept #cryptocurrency payments 🚀 In partnership with the new LYZI app, it will therefore be possible to go to Nike or H&M and pay in #Bitcoin or #Ethereum 🔥

Internationally, the choices are diverse. We notice Propya real estate marketplace with a decentralized method of title registration, and, which creates blockchain cloud infrastructures for financial services. There are thousands of choices !

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Be vigilant and consult your financial adviser before making any investment decision. Mirror-Mag cannot be held responsible in the event of bad investments. Before using any third-party service, you should do your own research.

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