Ethereum: Polygon steps up a gear with zkEVM

Ethereum: Polygon steps up a gear with zkEVM

A solution to congestion – No one is without knowing it, the blockchain Ethereum faces important congestion problems. For several months, second layer solutions, especially rollups, have appeared to be the ideal solutions to these bulk problems. The teams of polygon who are actively working on the subject have just unveiled a product that could well be a game-changer: zkEVM.

Polygon unveils zkEVM

The solutions second layer are undoubtedly the key the congestion problems encountered by the Ethereum network. However, they too have limitations and Technical constraints.

Thus, many of these second layer solutions are not EVM-compatibles. This implies that it is not possible to execute smart contracts from Ethereum on it without making changes to it first. Some layer 2, like StarkNet go even further by having implemented a programming language specific to the solution.

The Polygon teams have just announced a solution to this compatibility problem via the launch of Polygon zkEVM.

In practice, zkEVM is a solution second layer of type zkRollup evolving on top of Ethereum. Thus, it aggregates transactions, compresses them and publishes them on the Ethereum network via a zero-knowledge proof. This allows layer 2 to inherit security from Ethereum.

Diagram of the zkEVM architecture.
Diagram of the zkEVM architecture.

So far nothing much different from other zkRollup such as StarkNet or zkSync. However, zkEVM differentiates itself from its competitors by offering an equivalent EVM ecosystem.

In short, it allows any application decentralized platform developed for Ethereum to be deployed without modification on the zkEVM network.

“You can build on Polygon zkEVM the same way you would on Ethereum. You can deploy any Ethereum smart contract. All tools that work with Ethereum will work with Polygon zkEVM. »

For the moment, the code of zkEVM is accessible in open source. The network should be deployed in testnet in the coming weeks.

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Polygon at the forefront of innovation on layers 2

Polygon is not at its first attempt. Indeed, the main project of the company, the eponymous blockchain Polygon (MATIC) is already a scalability solution for Ethereum.

Following the success of this first product, the Polygon teams started working on other scalability methods such as rollups.

Thus, we have in turn welcomed the following solutions:

  • Middena second layer solution based on zkRollup technology;
  • Zeroa solution also based on zkRollups;
  • Nightfalla second layer solution based on an Optimistic Rollup.

At the same time, Polygon tackles manyother topics just as central as the layers 2. Thus, the teams have developed Polygon Availa solution focused on data availability. This will integrate perfectly with second layer solutions such as rollups.

Polygon has also developed polygon IDa new, fully decentralized, private and self-sovereign identity medium.

More recently, polygon launched an assault on the market mobile telephony. Indeed, the company has entered into a partnership with the British startup Nothing for the launch of its next phone.

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