"You can generate +8.5% capital per year": This investment is currently a hit, here's what you need to know before you start!

“You can generate +8.5% capital per year”: This investment is currently a hit, here’s what you need to know before you start!

More and more French people are interested in investing in the stock market or in crypto. And contrary to popular belief, this operation is not necessarily complicated. All you need is a good strategy. Here are some tips to help you make your investment a success.

A trendy investment in France!

Within days, the planets aligned: Individuals felt comfortable with money and time and could only act online. César Dubus, head of the Bourse Direct agency in Lille, describes the increased interest of the French for the stock market despite the health crisis. Stock market investing is becoming more and more a dynamic savings solution, but above all more profitable in the face of an inflation rate which is currently peaking.

Cesar Dubus cites life insurance as an example: “It was the preferred investment of the French for several decades”. Today, the investment is oriented towards stock market units, securities or financial assets subject to market fluctuations.

And the clientele has also evolved According to Clément Tempia Bonda, savings adviser at this agency: “Clients are getting younger, getting information via social networks and influencers who give them a taste for the stock market. It’s a good thing because France lacked this culture.

Are investments made according to the needs of the individual? ” There are traditional values ​​for the long term, which concern the bulk of the troops”, explains Cesar Dubus. Clément Tempia Boonda proposes the investment immovable: » With a yield of 4 to 5%, it will attract a cautious clientele with an inflation rate all the same. »

But profitability is not the only element taken into account. The savings adviser explains: » In addition in more We have clients who want to invest in responsible companies, which are green, to use their 50 euros for a cause that corresponds to their ethics… “.

How much can you earn on the stock market?

The stock performance of two investors can be very different, even in the same year, if they have very different portfolios.

There is a way to invest in the stock market that is accessible to everyone and only takes a few minutes. It’s here passive management. Passive management consists in aiming for an average performance, which is the same as that of the financial markets. It consists of investing in a diversified manner in a large number of stocks from all over the world. ETFs are a great way to do this.

ETFs are Exchanged traded Funds . is an acronym for listed investment funds. They are distinguished by a double particularity.

A portfolio of ETFs will allow you to easily take advantage of the upward trend in the financial markets. This is possible by investing in a TF MSCI World which invests in the 1500 largest companies in the world.

It can be seen that a strategy of diversification will allow you to earn 8.5% per year on average. This rate will allow you to double your wealth in just 9 years.

Why choose EasyBourse?

EasyBourse can be described as a traditional stock broker. This means you can buy stocks and mutual funds.

EasyBourse is not a broker that caters to day traders and lovers of leverage (which consists of investing on credit). If this subject interests you, I recommend that you read our article on trading platforms.

You also have the option of creating a stock market portfolio in a securities account, or a PEA.

EasyBourse offers a double advantage:

  • It is a pure player of the online stock exchange, which, as such, has a very affordable price list (in particular the PEA).
  • He is also a broker leaning towards postal banking, which makes him, in my opinion, the safest broker in France.

EasyBourse is an excellent choice for investors who want to be able to feel safe and protected with their money.

How much can you lose in the stock market?

We’ve seen how much you can make on the stock market, but the bour market sier has a reputation for being risky. So how much can you really lose? Let’s start by reassuring the most fearful: You can’t lose everything in the stock market!

In fact, the risk of losing is very low if you have a passive management system that uses well-diversified ETFs. Do not forget that the risk of losing decreases with the investment horizon.

  • If you invest for more than a year, your risk of losing more than 30%.
  • If you invest during 10 yearsyour risk of losing less than 10%.
  • The risk of losing your investment is virtually nil if you invest for 15 years or more.

The key is patience and not worrying about the first stock market decline!

You can lose a lot more if your investments are not well diversified. If you only have a few shares, just lose them all. This is also true in case ofleverage.

Beware of excessive performance

Beware of scammers who promise extraordinary performance.

If a trader or manager tells you they have a proven way to earn 25% a year, don’t believe them! This investment is better than warren buffett. It earns 25% per year. With compound interest of 25% per year, 500,000 euros can be transformed into 43 million euros in 20 years. It’s almost too good to be true!

Beware of “hot tips”. Remember that confidential information should not be used for personal gain. the insider trading can lead to several years of imprisonment.

Our tips for making money on the stock market

The enemy of good is the best. This is especially true when it comes to making money in the stock market. We recommend going the simple route and aiming for 8.5% annual gains over a long period of time, using passive ETF-based management. You risk making the situation worse by choosing the actions yourself. It will also take longer.

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