“We are delighted to be the season of care bears”, rejoices the candidate eliminated from orientation

“We are delighted to be the season of care bears”, rejoices the candidate eliminated from orientation

She failed in the worst place. At the foot of the posts which, for this season of Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem, are four in number. Ambre is therefore the only one eliminated from the orientation test since Bastien unearthed, in a last effort, the dagger which gives access to the fourth post. Cursed, yes, but a post nonetheless. Previously, Amber saw Jean-Charles find a knife almost under his nose, then François. In the meantime, Géraldine had also qualified. Ambre therefore left the adventure “without anyone extinguishing my torch”, she welcomes.

In the worst place then? Not really if we are to believe Amber who explains to 20 minutes have no regrets when taking stock of his adventure.

Five adventurers and adventurers, four knives… And you’re the ones going. Not too disgusted?

I was disappointed at the time, of course. But frankly, very quickly, I turn to Bastien and I’m happy for him. I turned the page very quickly. On the beach, when saying goodbye I am moved, tears come to me but it is positive emotion, joy.

Were you relieved to lose?

No, not at all, I really wanted to go to the posts, of course. But I am – even in real life – a forward-thinking person who focuses on the future rather than the past. I don’t dwell on the things I can’t change. I was eliminated fairly, I couldn’t find a knife. I don’t go on the posts, that’s how it is.

So where does the joy you speak of come from?

I immediately realized how lucky I was to live this adventure. To have come this far is huge. I participated in all the other events, no one extinguished my torch, my name only came out once in the councils, I won events, I had a great relationship with the other adventurers, we never argued…

Your journey is also quite representative of what we can experience in Koh Lanta for the galleys…

Oh yes ! I had comforts and victories but I also had terrible defeats! I went through almost all the teams so I had very, very tough advice. That’s even what was the most horrible: having to designate and eliminate someone. It’s horrible to decapitate the people we used to win as a team.

You weren’t prepared for this?

I hadn’t prepared for much (laughs)! I discovered many aspects of Koh Lanta that I did not know. I should have researched a bit more…

What did you discover about the game once on camp?

Especially the sides. I hadn’t anticipated the long periods of waiting, where you don’t do anything special.

And hunger?

The hunger was hard but the worst was the humidity. It’s horrible for that the Philippines. We’re wrinkled all the time, we’re half moldy, no wounds close up, we can’t sleep, we’re cold at night… I didn’t expect that!

Paradoxically, it would seem that these difficult conditions united the group.

Yes. We shit so much at the beginning that it united us. Everyone has found their place. The shows are a good reflection of our season. There was no rivalry, no tension, and it shows on screen.

So much so that some viewers consider this season a bit dull, it lacks drama and shouting matches…

I assure you that from the inside, we are delighted to be care bear season! Because living on the camp without tension is great. Arguments, clashes, it can be horrible to experience when the cameras go away. This season, we were smart enough, during and after filming, to put our feelings aside. We come out with friends rather than enemies.

Have you stayed in contact with candidates?

Yes. As we can’t really talk about the adventure in detail with our loved ones, we need to talk to each other on a daily basis.

And with viewers, Internet users?

I sometimes look at the networks… I also used my networks to justify and explain certain choices that I made. Well, that doesn’t stop the haters. But when I lingered a bit on the profiles of people slandering me, I felt more sorry for them than anything else. I had bursts of laughter, there are gratins anyway…

What lessons do you draw from this adventure on a personal level?

None. I didn’t go over Koh Lanta to look for something. My life is going as it is. I felt comforted in who I am, I also had confirmation that the people who share my life are great. I am satisfied because my joie de vivre and my spontaneity have helped me. I often have a smile and I don’t take things seriously, it’s rather unifying and it helped me to have a good relationship.

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