What lung disease does Olivio suffer from?

What lung disease does Olivio suffer from?

Olivio, from the duo Bigflo and Oli, was born with one lung smaller than the other. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Tuesday, June 14, 2022, Olivio, from the duo Bigflo and Oli, takes off with Raphaël de Casabianca for the filming of “Rendez-vous en terre unknown”. The singer, who made a career alongside his brother, had a difficult childhood because of a serious health problem, which could have prevented him from succeeding in the world of song.

In the landscape of French rap, Bigflo and Oli, whose real names are Florian and Olivio Ordonez, were quick to meet with incredible success. They are indeed the youngest French rappers to have obtained a gold disc in less than four months, followed by a platinum disc thanks to their first album, “La Cour des grands”, released in 2015. Since then, the two brothers have had a string of successes, with “The real life” and “The dream life”. In short, in a few years, they have become essential, and have just made their comeback with a new album entitled “Sacré bordel.”

Video. After two years of absence, rappers Bigflo and Oli are making a comeback

A childhood marked by illness

The two brothers were born to an Argentine father and a French mother of Algerian descent. From their earliest childhood, their parents transmitted to them the love of music: salsa on one side, French songs on the other. The two boys therefore began to play instruments very early on: drums and piano for Florian, trumpet for Olivio. All of this of course before discovering a real passion for rap.

However, Olivio’s childhood was also marked by health problems. Problems that the main interested party tells himself in a song that bears his name, “Olivio”, on their album “La vrai vie”. The lyrics evoke his “return to the hospital (his) affected lungs”, shortly after his birth. In the song “The real life”, he remembered: “At 3 years old, pipes in my nose, I said no to the cemetery / The mower said to me: “I’ll give you a chance if you break everything with your brother.” A song that tells how much music helped him move forward while he battled illness.

Oli’s lung problem

In a video interview with Le Parisien, the young man agreed to say a little more: “I had major health problems when I was little, in the lungs. I never knew exactly what it was, we never really talked about it. I had a lung which was smaller than the other and which suddenly struggled. I spent a lot of time in the hospital. “I remember seeing him with pipes and everything,” confirms Bigflo. “And among all the instruments in the world, he still chose the trumpet, the one where you have to blow hard.”

Today, however, he wants to reassure his fans: “Everything is fine, I am in perfect health.” The proof ? “I do trumpet, I do rap.” Lungs that work at full capacity, therefore, and of which he takes the greatest care!


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