Thomas Ngijol makes a beautiful declaration of love to his daughter-in-law in front of his partner Karole Rocher in C à vous (VIDEO)

Thomas Ngijol makes a beautiful declaration of love to his daughter-in-law in front of his partner Karole Rocher in C à vous (VIDEO)

This Monday, June 13, it is a family of the cinema which was invited in It’s up to you. Thomas Ngijol, accompanied by his wife Karole Rocher and his daughter-in-law Barbara Biancardini, came to present his latest film, Brotherhood. An opus made with the family from A to Z!

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At the Ngijol-Rocher, we work as a family! This Wednesday, June 15, Brotherhood comes out in dark rooms. A comedy that honors a Corsican village dear to Karole Rocher. The film also has the particularity of being the fruit of a family collaboration. The actress, who camped a superb Madame Claudius on Netflix in 2021 made the film with his daughter, Barbara Biancardini. On his side, Thomas Ngijol took care of the screenplay with his brother-in-law, Patrick Rocher. For ten years, the comedian has formed a happy blended family with Karole Rocher. Together, they are the parents of two daughters: Angelina (2014) and Carmen (2017). But the 43-year-old comic is very close to his girlfriend’s daughters, the fruit of his previous relationships: Barbara (1996) and Gina (2001). This Monday, June 13, the couple of actors and Barbara were invited on the set of It’s up to you. Whether on their collaboration or on their private life, the blended family has made very touching confidences.

It’s up to you : Barbara’s first TV Biancardinithe daughter of Karole Rocher

Like her mother, Barbara Biancardini has cinema in her blood. Since she was very young, she accompanies her mother on film sets. This allowed him to develop a vision of cinema of which his mother is very proud. At 25, the young woman slipped into the skin of a director for the first time. “It was a gift for me to see her directing the actors and to do it together“, explains the actress. As she paints the portrait of her eldest daughter, she wishes to underline a detail that is important: this is the very first TV of its elder! The team of It’s up to you hastens to applaud the event. “I’m a little emotional to be with my daughter“, adds the actress, her throat knotted. This moment also makes her father-in-law, Thomas Ngijol, very proud: “She is very talented. She didn’t get there totally parachuted. That she is with us, I felt completely confident.

Thomas Ngijol and Barbara Biancardini they have a “fusional relationship”

And if Thomas Ngijol took so much pleasure in working with his daughter-in-law, it’s because he maintains a “fusional relationship” with her, as explained by the one who brings them together, Karole Rocher. During dinner It’s up to you, the artist shares an embracing childhood memory: when he was younger, he was convinced that he was the son of… Marvin Gaye! Following this confidence, Barbara Biancardini will respond with humor: “I am convinced that Thomas is my father!“. But behind the joke hides a part of truth. It is without hesitation that the director of Starting point nods: “I didn’t mean to say it tonight in It’s up to you but we formalize the paternity with my daughter. I don’t consider her a daughter-in-law, she’s my daughter. She takes care of her sisters, she is home… It’s blood as they say!“, he confides. A beautiful declaration of love which suggests a very strong filial bond between Thomas Ngijol and Barbara.

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