Jauffrey's apartment (Married at first sight) shocks internet users (VIDEO)

Jauffrey’s apartment (Married at first sight) shocks internet users (VIDEO)

In the episode of Married at first sight broadcast this Monday, June 13, Jauffrey went to Cyndie … and vice versa. But when the young woman arrived in her companion’s apartment, she was quickly disillusioned.

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After a week’s break due to a football match for the France team, the candidates of Married at first sight have returned to M6. And for some couples in the speed-dating program, it’s time to take stock. After being on the same wavelength throughout the episodes, two couples decided to stay married after filming. This is’Alicia and Brunoas well as Pauline and Damian. As for Eddy and Jennifer, Cyndie and Jauffrey, Alex and Sandy, we will have to wait until next week to find out how the story ends for them. And for good reason, some, like Cyndie and Jauffrey – who admits to being flirted on social networks – have not yet finished discovering themselves.

Cyndie hopes”go to the next step

Back from their beautiful honeymoon spent in the Canary Islands, the 76% compatible newlyweds try to develop their friendly relationship into a romantic relationship. For this, she decides to prepare him a risotto in order to seduce him and raise the temperature. However, at the end of the evening, Cyndie finds herself alone watching the film since the swimmer has gone to bed. I was thinking, why not, take it to the next levelshe confides before also specifying: “Or just thathe tells me that he wants to go to bed and that he wants me to be near him. This is what I expected.

Jauffrey lives in a dilapidated apartment

The days go by and it’s now Cyndie’s turn to spend some time in her apartment. But once at Jauffrey’s, she becomes disillusioned. And for good reason, he has just moved in, and everything has not yet been set up: “I am disgusted to welcome him in this apartment“, he declares. Upon arriving, the young woman is not very excited about the place.Looks like a teenager’s apartment. There is no decoration, there is nothing. Everything’s a little loose and messed up“, she confides. As for the toilets, they simply do not work. I go down a little bit of a floor. Maybe they have a toilet downstairs, she laughs. Finally, Jauffrey makes him understand that there is no plan B to relieve himself:We’re going to have to eat at the restaurant tonight. A situation that puts the friend of Florent Manaudou in the embarrassment: “It breaks my candy“. On Twitter, many Internet users reacted and were shocked to see the environment in which the swimmer lives. Check out our review of tweets below.

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