Controversy "USAP and 1-star camping": the former mayor of Perpignan Jean-Marc Pujol reacts in turn

Controversy “USAP and 1-star camping”: the former mayor of Perpignan Jean-Marc Pujol reacts in turn

After remaining in the USAP Top 14, head coach Patrick Arlettaz castigated the conditions in which his team trains at the Moulin-à-Vent sports park. Mayor RN Louis Aliot reacted by justifying the involvement of his teams and spoke of the inertia of the municipality which preceded him. The turn of the former mayor LR Jean-Marc Pujol to justify himself.

After keeping his team in the Top 14 after the access match at Mont-de-Marsan (41-16 victory) and pressing where it hurts regarding the facilities in which his players and staff work and that he considers dilapidated, USAP head coach Patrick Arlettaz restarted the game. Mayor RN Louis Aliot, elected in July 2020, justified himself by recalling that “the City supports the USAP to the tune of 1.6 million euros, an increase of 400,000 euros this year. To this must be added 300,000 euros of subsidy to the association.”

Also explaining procedural delays in the expansion of the sports park training center. And adding that he “I should question my predecessor who did not advance a file that we have been carrying out for two years. The injunctions against the town hall are unfair.”

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His predecessor Jean-Marc Pujol (LR), mayor of the city of Perpignan from October 22, 2009 to July 3, 2020, in turn comes into play: “I validated as mayor of Perpignan and in the presence of the USAP management team the project carried out by President François Rivière and Christian Lanta (now general manager, editor’s note) which covered several years and for a cost of more than 20 million euros, including the training center. I gave my agreement for the City to cover a third of the investment and the Region had given its agreement in principle, but two years ago nothing was done.”

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It details: “We have financed with other communities more than 4 million euros for the renovation in the Aimé-Giral stadium of the lawn watering system, the professionalization of lawn maintenance, the enlargement of the alley behind the Vaquer stand for the exit of the players, the rehabilitation of LED lighting with new mats, the replacement of giant screens, the replacement of the sound system, the renovation of the panoramic box in the Desclaux stand, the renovation and modernization of partner reception areas and the Canigou refreshment bar, renovation of circulation areas and forecourts throughout the stadium and the deployment of optical fiber and digital means.

About the sports park, he explains: “We have made available to the USAP free of charge, and in accordance with their request, a dedicated training ground and the surfaces allowing the establishment of temporary structures by financing the connection of all the networks.”

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And tackles in passing the team of Louis Aliot: “We can ask ourselves why the town hall has done nothing on this site for two years? After the abandonment of the Mas Casenove sports hall, subsidized up to 70% by the State, the Region and the Department, and the lack of response from the mayor for the third Dragons stand, will the USAP training center become a political issue?

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