Harley Quinn Lady gaga

a pop icon to play Harley Quinn!

Joker 2 goes all-in, betting on a famous singer to embody Harley Quinn alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

Things are progressing behind the scenes, very well indeed. joker 2 will indeed see the light of day, and the project is much more advanced than we could imagine. Warner Bros. managed to keep this sequel a secret long enough to have plenty of information to reveal to viewers.

We already know that the screenplay has been written, and that Joaquin Phoenix has had the opportunity to read it. The filmmaker also revealed the title of this sequel: Madness for Two. As a reminder, this term designates the adoption of the delusional theme of a psychotic individual by a member of his entourage. One could thus imagine that Arthur Fleck finds a partner in crime. It is naturally towards Harley Quinn that the eyes of the spectators turned.

And they were right because The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the Joker’s girlfriend will be in the game. Margot Robbie, however, will not resume the role, the film wanting at all costs to maintain its independence from the rest of the DCEU. According to the American media, Warner Bros is already in discussion with a pop icon who recently became an actress.

A bad romance for Joker

Lady Gaga would indeed be in discussion with DC and Warner to camp this iconic character in the Batman lore. Nothing is yet recorded, but it is hard to imagine how to refuse such an honor. Especially since sources familiar with the matter mention the possibility that this second film borrows from the musical comedy genre, Gaga is therefore a ready-made candidate.

Moreover, the participation of Joaquin Phoenix is ​​not assured either. As the project is in an early development stage, no agreement has yet been reached. Revealing his recruiting information could be an opportunity for DC to take the temperature before pulling out the checkbook.

It must be said that the firm is experiencing some difficulties on the side of its players recently. Between the escapades of Ezra Miller and the Heard-Depp trial which tarnishes the promotion ofAquaman 2the firm probably hopes to avoid public wrath by recruiting the wrong actress to play Harley Quinn.

Already a hit?

Joker first of the name managed to establish itself as the highest-grossing R-Rated film of all time. Despite its classification, intended only for adults, the first installment of the adventures of Arthur Fleck brought in $1.07 billion to Warner Bros.. While many of its films have not found favor with viewers, the DCEU will continue to build on this winning recipe.

Joker had been a slap in the face for a lot of viewers, whether they were superhero fans or not. Warner Bros. is no doubt hoping to replicate that feat with a 5-star cast. Would the license finally be on the right track? The Batman, The Suicide Squad or JokerDC now has some great successes to its credit.

Enough to compete with the MCU? In any case, the license follows in the footsteps of its elder. She is also beginning to invest the ranks of HBO Max, with several series derived from her feature films. Peacemakerinspired by The Suicide Squad and directed by James Gunn, was applauded by the American press.

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