"Treat", "kiss", "alcohol"... Jean-Pascal Lacoste says more about the crazy evenings at the Star Ac'

“Treat”, “kiss”, “alcohol”… Jean-Pascal Lacoste says more about the crazy evenings at the Star Ac’

Jean-Pascal Lacoste confided in the columns of Telepro this Monday, June 13. The opportunity for him to evoke memories of his participation in the Star Academy.

On October 20, 2001, TF1 launched the star Academy, a new show that has revolutionized the small screen. This is a singing competition that has allowed many talents to become known to the general public. Among them, Jenifer, Elodie Frégé, Grégory Lemarchal, whose death in April 2007 had upset the French but also Jean-Pascal Lacoste. Twenty years after the launch of tele-hook, TF1 announced the return of the latter, in a press release published on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. This Monday, June 13, it was Jean-Pascal Lacoste who confided in the columns of Telepro. The opportunity for him to evoke memories of his participation in the program, which marked him a lot. “People saw 20% of what we really did“, he first explained before adding: “It was a building site inside. The Star Ac is the real Hogwarts“. Moments of which he has very good memories: “One evening, we had alcohol, we got on well. They had brought in dancers, we were well done, we were hot with the girls, we were ready to catch them at the castle. It was club med“, he asserted.

Within the castle, the candidates were very close, despite the competition. However, Jean-Pascal Lacoste assures us that, contrary to what one might think, he did not “nothing happened at the castle. Mario would have just had a small treat in the toilet. We didn’t have a CSA room“, he explained. Everyone was able to meet at the end of the program and that’s when they took full advantage of it. “When we came out, we had 160 bars of pressure per ball“, he had fun before adding: “With Jenifer, we just had a kiss at the castle, when we went out it was another story. We stayed together for a while after Star Academy, it was very nice“. While the show has made a comeback, does Jean-Pascal Lacoste intend to participate in it? “Yes, I saw the production in Paris. We are in discussions, nothing is recorded with anyone“, he first confided. What he wants? “A pawn role. I would like to give advice, reframe them, notoriety, the environment etc. It’s a role of big brother” he added before specifying: “I’m going to stick the students on Saturday, I’m going to be a motherfucker. It’s 70% yes for the next season, the trend is good“.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste: has he already mentioned the return of the program?

The Star Academy marked Jean Pascal Lacoste a lot and it also allowed him to make himself known to the general public. Twenty years after the launch of tele-hook, the show is about to make a comeback and the singer wanted to send a tender message to future participants. In his Instagram story on June 4, he first shared a video of the castle under construction before writing: “Get ready, register, the most beautiful adventure awaits you“. Will the former candidate also make his comeback in this mythical place? “As soon as I have more information, you will be the first to know”, he said on the set of 6 to 7. The answer in a few months.

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