the confidences of Julie Andrieu on her relationship with Stéphane Delajoux (VIDEO)

the confidences of Julie Andrieu on her relationship with Stéphane Delajoux (VIDEO)

Julie Andrieu spins the perfect love with Stéphane Delajoux, whom she married in 2010. The presenter of Julie’s notebooks often presents him as her prince charming. At the microphone of Isabelle Morizet on Europe 1, she however confided that he did not share his love for cooking at all.

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Julie Andrieu married neurosurgeon Stéphane Delajoux in 2010, notably known for having been Johnny Hallyday’s doctor. Jean-Marie Périer’s ex confided to Jordan de Luxe that she had met “the charming prince” in his person. “I’ve always been told that it doesn’t exist… That little girl fantasies had to be unlocked. Well no, I met him. So I would like to reassure the little girls: the prince charming exists, in any case, I met one“, she assured as well. Together, the two lovers had two children, Hadrian and Gaia. She only notes a small flat in their beautiful story, as she confided to Isabelle Morizet this weekend on her show There is only one life in life.

Julie Andrieu and Stéphane Delajoux as a couple: they share “much more essential commonalities”

The surgeon is not really a follower of good flesh. The culinary talents of Julie Andrieu are not part of her weapons of seduction, as explained by the latter to the host. “Maybe, but that’s really not why I got into cooking. I’m lucky to have a husband, I often say jokingly that he’s a prince charming. He doesn’t care, but completely. I fell badly from this point of view“, she had fun. Before tempering her words: “But I fell very well for the rest”. Isabelle Morizet was therefore worried about whether he would support his sweet serving him frozen meals. “I don’t think he cares. It would suit him just fine!” assured the presenter of Julie’s notebooks. Left to his own devices in the kitchen, Stéphane Delajoux is far from being a cordon bleu. “When from time to time, I don’t control the cooking, which happens very, very rarely, and he does a bit of my mother’s cooking for us, a frozen pizza on which he will put cheese in a bag, the children are delighted. To my great despair!“, had fun Julie Andrieu.I exaggerate, he appreciates. But it’s really not something essential for him. Fortunately, we have much more essential points in common.”she concluded.

The host of Julie’s notebooks sharing moments in the kitchen with her children

Julie Andrieu confided in her life as a mother on Europe 1, in May 2021. She had explained in particular that she cooked with her two children. “Me, I cook a lot with my children first of all because I spend a lot of time in my kitchen so they understood that you had to be in the kitchen a little to spend time with me”, she noted as. She added: “I really try to take time for them, it’s complicated to reconcile everything because there is still work, there are lots of other things. But it’s the absolute priority. They are wonderful years”she confided.

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