Quinté+: Gaz d’Occagnes must boost Quinté+ on Monday 13 June at Caen

The starters of Quinté+ this Monday, June 13

CAEN – 2450 METERS – DEPARTURE: 1:50 p.m.

The forces present

Away from the slopes between November and March, GAZ D’OCCAGNES (6) is currently returning to the best of its ability. After two consecutive podiums in April, he has just surely imposed himself on the Vichy racecourse. Well placed in the lead, we can again expect a great performance from this resident of Gilles Curens.

Always in top form, as evidenced by his third place on May 9 on this course, GASPARD (7) also has a good theoretical chance at the first level. Third in a recent Quinté+ at Enghien, FIESTA DU BELVER (14) can come back from 25 meters, like FRENCH MAN (13), intermittent but who finds here the course of his last success.

Located at the limit of the decline, the regular GET UP DES PLAINES (8) will also have supporters with FRILOUZ DE KERNAS (15), especially not to condemn on his last failure in a stage of the Green Trophy. Winner at Châteaubriant on May 22, for only her second race of the year, FROZEN QUEEN (5) will complete our choice with GARDE A Vous (1), back on the sand.

Hervé Engel’s prediction

6 7 14 13 8 15 5 1









The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


Dismissed from the tracks between November and March, this son of Utoky quickly recovered the good carburation. After several good performances on grass tracks, he finds here the sand with ambitions. For a place.

Vincent Lebarque, coach:

“Guard à Vous (1) was not unworthy the last time because he had to go the distance. Lack of commitment on the grass, we try our luck in this race. He has already done well on the sand. In the morning it is perfect. In this lot, a place is in his strings. »


A model of consistency, this representative of André Le Courtois always gives the best of himself. If it can benefit from a good hidden trip, it has the means to aim for a place at the end of the combination in Quinté+.

André Le Courtois, coach:

“Granit du Gers (2) drew a good end of the race last time on the grass when he had to go the distance. He is a nice horse who needs a hidden course to place his final point. The long straight line of Caen will serve its interests. »


After more than four months of absence and two fitness courses, this representative of the Jeloca team has just returned to success in Lisieux. Contrary to this last attempt, where she was stuck with the forelegs, she will remain entirely shod here.

reporter’s opinion:

“After two restart races, Gitane du Rib (3) has just won in force in Lisieux, being tackled by the forelegs. It will stay on track this time and has never really managed to shine on the Caen racecourse. Despite everything, she discovers an interesting engagement. To retain it or not remains a matter of impression. »


Regularly in the spotlight in 2021, this son of Brillantissime is slow to regain his best level this year. Even if he has already won twice at Caen, this good right-hander needs, above all, reassurance.

Damien Lecroq, coach:

“I’m in doubt with Gold Fly (4) right now. He is good in training, but does not repeat in the race. On Monday he found perfect conditions for him: in the lead and on a track to the right. Above all, I need him to reassure me. »


After six months of absence and a good comeback in Cholet, this resident of Tomas Malmqvist has just returned to success on the Châteaubriant track. On its way, it still seems able to shine here.

Tomas Malmqvist, coach:

“After a break, Frozen Queen (5) has just proved that she was back at her best level by winning at Châteaubriant. Even if she has to face the 6 years, the commitment is interesting at the first level. In the morning, she is still just as good. »


Away from the slopes between November and March, this resident of Gilles Curens is currently returning to the best of his ability. After two consecutive podiums in April, he has just surely imposed himself on the Vichy racecourse. Well placed in the lead, we can once again expect a great performance from him.

Gilles Curens, trainer:

“Gaz d’Occagnes (6) has returned to the best of its ability, as proven by its last victory. He discovers a very good entry in the lead and is better on the tracks to the right. He recovered well from his efforts and I tried to prepare as well as possible for this race. I prefer him running from cover, but he can also go forward if needed. It’s a first chance. »


Irreproachable at the moment, this representative of the Charmes team has just assured us of his form by finishing third on the same course. Once again, it will still have to be reckoned with in this Quinté+.

David Thomain, driver:

“Gaspard (7) is a chic horse, who does all his shopping. He discovers a very good entry and remained well in the morning in training. The course will suit him. There is opposition, but he is able to go with these horses. Practice, he will still do his best. In this Quinté+, its place is at the finish. »


A model of regularity, this resident of Virginie Moquet has had good results for several months. Very comfortable in Caen and ideally located at the limit of the decline, he should again sell his chances dearly.

Virginie Moquet, coach:

“Get up des Plaines (8) is a great horse, which adapts to anything. He remained well in the morning and finds a good entry. He has already succeeded on this track. It must be preserved in a course. Before the shot, all the lights are green. »


On the sidelines since September 29, this new resident of Victoriane-Marie Goetz will make his resumption of contact with the competition here. Probably short of condition, we will just watch him run.

Victoriane Goetz, coach:

“Figolu Frazeen (9) arrived home a few months ago. He has had health problems and enjoys the benefits of the sea. He will need to run before being competitive. For now, you can dismiss it. »


The last attempt by this daughter of Kaiser Sozé dates back to October 29th. Even if it aligns from the outset unshod four feet for this return, we have not retained it in our selection.

Franck Anne, trainer/driver:

“After a very good 2021 season, Ever Dream Music (10) needed to rest this winter. It makes its comeback here with a little work, but without being sharp. She likes Caen and as she has good feet, I take the liberty of taking her irons off. She will wait and try to pick up “the dead” in the straight line. »


While he was abandoned by the odds, this son of Ganymede proved to be at fault at the end of the last bend on 3 June, in a Quinté+ disputed over the 2,700 meters of Vincennes. Plated with the forelegs this time, it will especially interest fans of poker moves.

Gilles Delacour, coach/driver:

“Fleuron d’Acadie (11) was not without resources at the time of his fault the last time, in a race that was not rhythmic enough for him. In the morning he shows that he is in good shape. He will appreciate the course of Caen. With a good progress of the race, it can interfere at the finish of Quinté+. »


Mostly seen under saddle lately, this 9-year-old mare finds a difficult task at 25 meters for her return to driving. Faced with its younger siblings, it will probably find it very difficult to shine in this Quinté+.

Franck Harel, coach/driver:

“Dame de Tillard (12) is now more competitive on the mounted trot. His last race is not good. I need to see if we continue with her. This race will allow me to be able to judge her. Ferrée and at the second post, it will not be easy for her. »


Never safe from a fault, as evidenced by his last attempt in a Quinté+ at Vichy, this representative of Julien Dubois will find here the course of his last success of March 12th. Wise, he could set the record straight.

Sylvain Dieudonné, last driver:

“Even though I didn’t have the perfect run last time around, French Man (13) maybe wasn’t having a great day. He’s the same in the morning, not always repeating his good jobs. He finds the track of his last success but above all needs to reassure. He will certainly drive calmly to only do the straight line, he who knows how to finish quickly when he is well. »


After a success at Laval, this daughter of Roi du Coq has just followed up with a third place in Quinté+ of 28 May at Enghien. Completely barefoot this time, it should not end far from the account.

Benjamin Rochard, driver:

“The last performance of Fiesta du Belver (14) is very good. She is a mare who needs a rhythmic race and a hidden course to give the best of her. She will enjoy this course and will be barefoot this time, which has not been the case for a while. It will all be a question of how the race unfolds, but I am confident. »


Already the holder of five successes since the start of the year, this resident of Patrick Terry is worth more than his last outing in the Green Trophy stage in Landivisiau indicates. Although only tackled this time, a redemption from him is perfectly possible.

Patrick Terry, coach:

“Frilouz de Kernas (15) has been flawless for many months. In the Green Trophy, he did not have an easy part, but he was not unworthy. I can’t barefoot him four feet on Monday, so he’ll be tackled. Making the distance in Caen is never a piece of cake. A place at the end of the combination remains possible. »


Absent since March 13, this resident of Jean-Luc Dersoir will present himself shod at the start of this Quinté+. Difficult under these conditions to give him a lot of credit for this resumption of contact with the competition.

Jean-Luc Dersoir, trainer:

“Esteban Jiel (16) had a good winter in Cagnes, winning twice. Monday, it will be a back-to-school race and it will evolve on rail. Despite the favorable entry, he is going to need to run. His task is difficult. »

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