name, witnesses, menu... New secrets about their marriage

name, witnesses, menu… New secrets about their marriage

Don’t call her Julie Holland. The actress Julie Gayet, and now wife of the former President of the Republic François Hollande, has no intention of changing her habits. It must be said that the actress has built her career on her name and that it might be complicated for her to change her surname to follow the patriarchal tradition linked to marriage.

According to journalists from the regional daily La Montagne who followed the couple when they left to vote for the first round of legislative elections, Julie Gayet was particularly clear on the subject. “The pleasure of an actress is thatwe still keep his name. I will always be Julie Gayet”, confided the actress.

This very democratic outing allowed journalists to glean some additional information on the couple’s wedding, which took place on June 4, 2022 in Tulle. François Hollande was accompanied by the mayor of the city who married him a few days earlier, Bernard Combes. His wife followed him a few moments later to go to the polling station, carefully avoiding any overly curious photographers.

François Hollande has apparently lost none of his sense of humor and repartee. Anxious to preserve their privacy as much as possible, François Hollande often responded with jokes to questions from reporters. Where are the couple planning to have their honeymoon? “I encourage everyone to come and do their honeymoon in Tulle, replied the former president. We celebrate everything there, presidential victories like weddings.

Infinite discretion

The names of the witnesses of the bride and groom have nevertheless been revealed. François Hollande had two very close friends by his side. The first is well known, it is Jean-Pierre Jouyet, former Secretary General of the Élysée Palace under François Hollande. The two inseparable met on the benches of the ENA, promotion Voltaire. The second is even older: Jean Louis Audren, surgeon, whom François Hollande has known since high school. Julie Gayet had as witnesses Benjamin Biolay and Katherineher best friend.

For the rest of the little details, we can say that the Gayet-Hollande couple played the ultra-local card: the guests had the right to taste “beef ribs bought at the Tulle market” in the Corrèze house of the couple. The bride’s bouquet that can be seen on one of the rare images of this wedding was designed by Coussaert, a florist from Tulle. This last did not even know the identity of its customers. “It was when I saw the photo that I knew”, she reveals to the newspaper. Julie Gayet is a regular at the shop and she managed to hide the occasion of her order by claiming that she needed flowers to celebrate her 50th birthday.

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