Lucu and Moefana at the top, Volavola was not there... Notes from Bordeaux-Bègles - Racing 92

Lucu and Moefana at the top, Volavola was not there… Notes from Bordeaux-Bègles – Racing 92

After marking their opponents in a closed scrum, the Girondins then let go of the cavalry with in particular untenable Moefana and Seuteni, sublimely led by a Maxime Lucu of (very) great evenings. On the other side, Racing will have led at the break thanks to a try from Max Spring, but the Ciel et Blancs collapsed in the second period. Here are the notes from UBB and Racing 92.

Notes from the Bordeaux-Bègles Union

15. Romain Buros 7.5/10

Well present under the high balls, the back delivered a serious, diligent match and was the UBB player who beat the greatest number of defenders (4). He put his top speed on display on his try scored after a low kick from Seuteni, and provided an assist to Woki. Substituted by Trinh-Duc who entered at the opening and Jalibert slipped at the back.

14.Santiago Cordero 7/10

The Argentinian made his astonishing speed speak again on his test. We even saw him take the ball as the first attacker, like an opener.

13. UJ Seuteni 8/10

With Moefana, he delivered a merciless duel to the Vakatawa-Fickou pair, which he won hands down. Not content with having scored a try, he struck a light low kick in the deep field that Buros carried behind the Ile-de-France line. Substituted for Mori on the hour mark.

12. Yoram Moefana: 8.5/10

Percussive as always, like this charge on Volavola from the 15th minute. He was a good passer too, like when he put Cordero in orbit for his try with a nice jump to the right. In the second half, he served his partner Seuteni with a very nice after contact between Fickou and Vakatawa.

11. Ben Lam 6.5/10

Temporarily released at the start of the game for a concussion protocol which he successfully passed, the New Zealander was very little served but applied himself to play after contact. Finally scored a try after a nine-month drought. This will do the Kiwi winger good!

10. Matthieu Jalibert 7.5/10

The opener of the XV of France signed a hesitant start, like his forward (8e), he then got back into it. We saw him break through half an hour into the game by asking Le Garrec a school cad’déb’. He then experienced some slag, before making his genius speak about it on Woki’s try with this little kick over the top. Like his flanker teammate, he grew in power over the course of the game.

9. Maxime Lucu 9/10

An XXL match of the Habs, who was the real boss of the UBB game. From the outset, he occupied the opposing camps with his long and precise kicking game. Author of a breakthrough from 50 meters after a quickly played penalty which brought the first try of the game, scored by Cordero. Throughout the game, he energized his team’s play and communicated his overwhelming desire to his teammates. He completed his work with a gigantic 50-22 in the 67th minute. He came out to a huge ovation from the Chaban-Delmas stadium. Which was totally deserved. Substituted for Yann Lesgourgues.

8. Bastien Vergnes-Taillefer 8/10

After beautiful powerful percussion in the axis of the ruck from the start, Vergnes-Taillfefer brought his immense desire but was clumsy with in particular two forwards in the first half hour. He then showed his support for Jalibert after his breakthrough and served Moefana with a beautiful chistera. Despite the speed of his opener Jalibert, he was constantly seen supporting the international throughout the game. A full match for this revelation of the Gironde season. Replaced by Alexandre Roumat.

7. Mahamadou Diaby 7/10

The captain showed the example in the commitment from the first moments of the match, aggressive ball in hand and in defense. But he also made a high tackle at the start of the second half which allowed Racing to break away from the score. Top UBB tackler, with 14 appearances.

6. Cameron Woki 7.5/10

Precious in touch, where he fought a hell of a duel with the second line of Racing Anton Bressler. Author of a shy start to the match, he gradually gained strength. He took advantage of the domination of his pack to abandon obscure tasks and take up space.

5. Jandre Marais Not Rated

The South African did not have time to take advantage of this semi-final, as he came out with a hamstring injury in the 27th. Replaced by Louis Picamoles, who again signed a sacred entry into play, both in closed scrum where he pushed like a buffalo or in the game where he was very present.

4. Kane Douglas 7/10

Once again exemplary in the engagement, he nevertheless offered Racing’s first points with a fault he could have avoided. Perfect in his rough, painful, combative and tenacious second line role.

3. Ben Tameifuna 7.5/10

Powerful in closed scrum, where he dominated Kolingar from the first scrum of the match, and valuable to revitalize slow balls. Replaced by Cobilas in the 45th who, like Poirot, maintained the level of performance of the Gironde scrum.

2. Maxime Lamothe 6.5/10

Beautiful dynamism and precision in his throws. His record is tarnished by this fault for an offside position in his 22 meters just before half-time which brought Spring’s test. Replaced at the start of the second half by Clément Maynadier who was also precise in his throws.

1. Thierry Paiva 7.5/10

Author of a good uprooting at the start of the game, the left-hander contributed his stone to the domination of the Girondins in closed scrum and signed a few hard-hitting tackles. Replaced by Jefferson Poirot who maintained dominance in closed scrum.

The notes of Racing 92

Max Spring (7/10)

The young rear from Ile-de-France was sharp especially in the first period, where he found spaces coming into the line (two crossings, six defenders beaten, a pass by contact) and it is no coincidence that he scored the first test of Sky and White. He was certainly the most dangerous Racingman despite two ball losses.

Teddy Thomas (5/10)

He had a lot of balls to play, especially in the first period. He managed to gain ground without making any glaring differences as Racing camped in the opposing camp. In the second half, he mainly recovered unusable balls.

Virimi Vakatawa (5/10)

He had a good first period, often ensuring the continuity of the Ile-de-France game with interesting relays or passes after contact. On the other hand, he lost his way defensively on Seuteni’s try which allowed the Girondins to regain the advantage. He struggled during the second half (two lost balls) before being replaced by Henry Chavancy (60e).

Gael Fickou (7/10)

He was once again the regulator of Racing 92’s attack line, managing to win his duels (9 defenders beaten) to cross the line of advantage. Replaced by Vakatawa at 63e minute.

Juan Imhoff (3/10)

The Argentinian winger was very discreet, signaling himself in the first period by taking the ball into touch. He failed to make a difference (only one defender beaten), even losing three balls.

Ben Volavola (3/10)

He was quite comfortable at the start of the match, bringing a penalty on his first initiative. He then alternated good and less good, conceding a touch in his 22 meters, missing a pass, sending a ball directly into touch, committing a forward in front of his twenty-two meters. Replaced by Antoine Gibert at the 70e minute.

Nolann LeGarrec (6/10)

The young scrum half held his place offensively by setting the pace. On the other hand, he was less effective defensively, missing several tackles. He was good against pole vault, missing just one penalty attempt from over fifty yards. Replaced by Maxime Machenaud (53e).

Yoan Tanga (3/10)

The powerful number eight of Racing 92 failed to make a difference with the ball in hand. He was invaluable in defense, but he suffered from the comparison with his vis-à-vis Bastien Taillefer.

Ibrahim Diallo (3/10)

The third line wing did not evolve at its usual level. A disappointing performance as he had performed well during the season, losing three balls on the way. He was replaced in the 58e minute by Anthime Hemery.

Wenceslas Lauret (5/10)

He evolved in his register, fighting with generosity and concentrating on being clean in the shadow tasks but he missed two tackles. Offensively, he ensured the continuity of the game with two assists after contact.

Anton Bresler (4/10)

He was there to fight. He did his job by being invaluable in policing the rucks in the first half, but he didn’t shine in the running game either. Replaced by Palu at 53e minute.

Bernard Le Roux (6/10)

He was certainly one of the best racing men with Spring and Fickou. The international second line. He showed great activity and a lot of generosity in the effort. Unfortunately, he cost his team two penalties.

Nyakane (4/10)

Hit in the face at the start of the match, the South African prop managed to somehow hold the Racing scrum which exploded after leaving the field in the 48the minute. He was transparent in the current game before being replaced by Cedate Gomes Sa.

Teddy Baubigny (5/10)

The Racing hooker was active in the running game with relays that allowed his teammates to advance. A clean match without any madness. Replaced by Camille Chat (48e) who made a good start as Racing lost ground.

Hassane Kolingar (3/10)

He was penalized in the first scrum of the game. Quickly replaced by Guram Gogichashvili (31e) who committed a forward on a try situation in the first period.

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