Johnny Depp prêt à renoncer aux 8 millions de dollars d’Amber Heard ? Cette condition unique…

Johnny Depp ready to give up Amber Heard’s $8 million? This unique condition…

In court, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went through hell. When the verdict is announced, one collapses while the other reflects. And if…

Big scoop on the Johnny Depp case!

For long weeks, this trial kept cinema fans in suspense. Indeed, it is not every day that Johnny Depp seeks the services of justice. For a few years, Amber Heard had been telling mind-blowing things on her account. So much so that the actor has paid the consequences on his career. In this article, Objeko explained to you why he had to draw a line under the adventure Pirates of the Caribbean. By admitting to having felt a certain weariness in putting on the costume of Jack Sparrow, he could never have anticipated that disney ousts him so simply. Never mind, he trusts his lawyer to clear his name. Impossible to name all the emotions that the protagonists had to face. Nothing will ever be as it was before !

A resounding verdict

The verdict, Johnny Depp’s support committee was waiting for him firmly. Moreover, the international press did not hesitate for a second. Every day, there were special correspondents to tell the latest developments in this colorful trial. Sentenced to pay damages to her ex, Amber Heard is devastated. Originally, she thought that the other victims of the movement #MeToo would help him to the end. However, obviously because of many contradictions in his various testimonies, the associations end up distancing themselves. From now on, she feels very alone against her detractors.

In all, because of this interview which he considers defamatory, it is 8.35 million dollars that Amber Heard will have to collect and give to Johnny Depp. Except that she has absolutely no funds to pay off her debt. She already owes her legal team so much money. How is she going to get out of this without leaving feathers? Against all expectations, it is Johnny Depp’s lawyer who holds the key to the enigma.

Johnny Depp ready to negotiate?

Johnny Depp owes a debt of gratitude to Camille Vasquez and Ben Shaw. Without them, he couldn’t have convinced the jurors that his ex had gone way too far in his criticism. By agreeing to tell the backstage of this highly publicized trial, the two lawyers will throw a stone into the pond. Installed in their armchairs, the viewers of Good Morning America take a step. They too can’t believe it!

On the air, Johnny Depp’s lawyers insist that their client is not interested in this sum of money. Right now, all he wants is not to go back to another trial. So, if ever Amber Heard does not appeal, he wipes out his debt. And you, what do you think, dear reader?Objeko ?

Oops… she starts again!

A few hours after this proposal, the actress seems determined to do as she pleases. Fingers crossed that the experts manage to make him listen to reason. Whether in terms of budget or morale, it is never easy to chain several media torments of this magnitude. If it persists, on one side or the other, we must therefore be prepared to hear more startling anecdotes. Count on Objeko to tell you about it. Despite everything, we find that it is very sad to come to tear ourselves apart in this way. And it’s not the social networks that will fix things as everyone goes there for their little analysis. See you soon for new adventures!

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