Influencer lets her 2-year-old drown while she makes her videos…

This influencer and her husband threw a party, but they had no idea of ​​the drama that will strike their family on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Their two-year-old son was playing with other children before drowning in the pool.

A social media personality

Wiyada Pontanwee was born in 1995 in Thailand. She is married to Pongrit Hancharoenpanna and is the mother of two children. She is a famous influencer on Instagram, in addition to being a real TikTok star in Bangkok, the capital of her country. Alongside all this, she is a content creator on OnlyFans and other social media platforms with adult content.

Recently, she had been gaining attention on the net, but not for what she does for a living. This is due to the tragedy that struck her family on February 14, 2022. Netizens across Thailand are pointing fingers at her in anger and contempt. They ruled that she and her husband were irresponsible and negligent parents for failing to supervise their child.

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They also pointed to the fact that the two parents invited children to a party where they were going to film and photograph daring photos.

The tragic drowning

It was February 14th. The most horrible thing a mother could imagine has happened. That day, the couple had organized a party in a villa they rented. Other adult models would have been present at this party.

The guests had a lot of fun during the party at the luxurious villa in Pattaya. They were enjoying grilled shrimp while finishing bottles of whiskey. Wayida was photographed by her husband. Many photos have already been taken earlier, but at that time she was posing for her more or less “special” subscribers.

Later that evening, little Chawanakon Hancharoenpanna was with the other children playing. While his father was taking a picture of his mother posing for OnlyFans, he heard a suspicious noise. He runs to the pool, but what he saw next shocked him. Her son, who was two days away from celebrating his birthday, was in the water, unconscious.

The couple called for help in hopes of saving their son, but there was nothing more they could do. Paramedics who tried to resuscitate the little boy were unsuccessful. It was too late, the little one had already debated for a while, but unfortunately no one saw him. Little Chawanakon died that day.

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A devastated mother

The loss of a child is the worst bereavement for a parent. Wiyada Pontawee is devastated by this tragic event. The day after the accident, the young mother spoke of her sadness at the death of her little Chawanakon, who was going to be three years old this year.

“I no longer want to live. I pray that my son will come back to life,” she said.

When rescuers questioned the father, he gave details of the incident. He and his wife were working when he heard noise coming from the swimming pool. The father had found his son suffocating in the water.

“I jumped into the water to help him, but it was too late,” said the professional photographer.

The emergency spokesman had mentioned what he attended when he arrived at the villa after the call for help from the parents of the deceased little boy.

“His father and mother were crying until their son was taken to hospital. Despite their efforts, the rescue team failed to save the child’s life,” he said.

No investigation has been opened into this story. The statements and testimonies that were given by those who were on the scene were enough to know what exactly happened during the night of the tragedy.

Following this incident, parents have been reminded that they should always keep an eye on their children, especially if they are playing around a swimming pool. Even if they know how to swim, a responsible parent should always watch their children or at least hire someone to help them. This is to avoid the kind of drama that has befallen the family of this influencer.

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