Incredible but true with Alain Chabat, Benoît Magimel and Léa Drucker: review, teasers and invitations

Incredible but true with Alain Chabat, Benoît Magimel and Léa Drucker: review, teasers and invitations

By Laura B., Julie M. Posted Jun 13, 2022 9:57 AM

Quentin Dupieux returns to the cinema. His comedy, “Incredible but true”, in which he directs Benoît Magimel, Alain Chabat and Léa Drucker, will be released in theaters on June 15, 2022. A well-barreled film where we find Dupieux’s touch. Enter the contest at the bottom of the article to try to win your invitations.

Whether Quentin Dupieux was present at Cannes where he presented his film Smoking makes you cough (which does not yet have a release date), we find the director also in the rooms movie theater with another film, Incredible but true. A comedywith Lea Drucker, Benoit Magimel and Alain Chabatwhich therefore comes out on big screen the June 15, 2022.

Quentin Dupieux is the director of comedies At office !, The deer or mandibles. In his new filmhe directs Lea Druckerseen recently in Adieu Paris, Dear Lea and yesterday’s world ; Benoit MagimelLumière and César 2022 for Best Actor for In his lifetime who also starred in lovers ; and Alain Chabat that we did not see movie theater for a while (and which had already been led by Quentin Dupieux in Reality). And for good reason, he is preparing an animated series, Asterix in 3D, for Netflix. It will also be in the credits of Smoking makes you cough. Anais Demoustier (The Patch, Dear Lea, At office ! and Smoking makes you cough of Dupieux..), Mikael Halimi (SCAM France, Men), Roxane Arnal, Nagisa Marimoto (Santa & Co. ofAlain Chabat), Gregoire Bonnet (Domestic scenes, The Bal des Folles, Divorce Club…) and Lena Lapres complete the cast ofIncredible but true.

Incredible but true was presented out of competition at the last Berlinalein February 2022.

Synopsis :

Alan (Alain Chabat) and Mary (Lea Drucker) move into a pavilion. A hatch located in the cellar will upset their existence.

Teasers :

Our review :

In his 9th feature film, Quentin Dupieux has chosen, always through the prism of thehumor and some comedyto explore the themes of passing time, aging, the obsession with rejuvenation, against a background of transhumanism.

Incredible but true, it’s the story of Marie and Alain, a couple who buys a house in which there is a mysterious trap door. In the basement of the house, what looks like a manhole reveals something incredible but true. And Quentin Dupieux plays with our nerves because the revelation, by the real estate agent in charge of the sale of the house, on what this famous hatch contains, is distilled by pieces according to flashbacks. It takes a long time to know the end word.

Alain, has a best friend (his boss), Gégé (Benoit Magimel), a very unpleasant guy, also with an incredible but true secret. Probably the funniest part of the film. A film full of deliciously absurd dialogues, as Dupieux knows how to do, which also contains a tribute to the movie theater by Buñuel and whose soundtrack, very pleasant, comes from a single old vinyl record by Jon Santo.

In which theaters near me is the film screened? Incredible but true ?

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