Espoirs : le Stade Aurillacois remporte à Clermont le premier bouclier de son histoire, face au Stade Toulousain

Hopes: Stade Aurillacois wins the first shield in its history in Clermont, against Stade Toulousain

It floated like a scent of history at the final whistle of this final of the French rugby championship for hopefuls played on the lawn of the Stade Marcel-Michelin in Clermont. And for good reason: the Aurillacois stadium came to win the very first shield in its history by taking the best of a Stade Toulousain yet better entered the game.

Resilient and combative, the Cantaliens turned the game around in the second half to finally win 37-26. A real moment in history for oval and Auvergne sport.

Badly embarked in this final, the Aurillacois suffered the ardor of the Toulouse from the first minutes. From the second, more precisely, and a solitary breakthrough by Théo Ntamack, son of Emile and brother of Romain, who in the axis comes quietly to flatten after a candle played at the foot. First break for Toulouse who then pass a penalty by Auriac (0-10, 8th).

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Les Espoirs d’Aurillac crowned champions of France after their victory against Toulouse (review the match)

The Cantaliens react, in turn, on penalty, thanks to the foot of Antoine Aucagne, then in the game by concretizing an excellent phase with a try from the South African Jordon Van Rensburg, then transformed by Aucagne to return to equality (10- 10, 27e). The Cantaliens are back in the game, in the score as in the desire, but the Toulousains go back in front before half-time by passing a new penalty, still through Auriac (10-13, 31st).

When they returned from the locker room, the Haut-Garonne people moved up a gear with a try from close to Hawkes, following a touch at 5 meters and converted by Auriac (10-20, 49th). If Auriac, still, gives three additional points on a new penalty (10-23, 53rd), the Stade Aurillacois is far from giving up. Entering the 51st, Basa Khonelidze scored two tries in quick succession (57th and 61st), transformed each time by Aucagne (24-23).

The entry of the Georgian hooker dynamited the game of the Cantaliens who, despite a new penalty from Toulouse (24-26), once again found the fault thanks to a second try from Van Rensburg (74th). Aucagne, impeccable on foot this Sunday, transformed and even passed two last penalties at the very end of the match. Aurillac turned the tide, the Cantal club won 37-26. Aurillacois hopes are champions of France!

Man of the Match: Basa Khonelidze

He almost single-handedly changed the face of this meeting. Coming off the bench in the 51st minute, the 18-year-old Georgian was decisive when his teammates needed it most.

Author of two tries in force in the space of four minutes (57th and 61st), the hooker brought all the aggressiveness and the madness necessary to tip the game definitively in favor of the Aurillacois.

premium Mikheil Alania, both strategist and “X” factor to guide Aurillac in the Espoirs final against Toulouse

The figure: 100%

Like Antoine Aucagne’s success rate on kicks. The Aurillacois opening half simply achieved a faultless result on the Clermont lawn.

Perfect when it was necessary to transform (4/4), intractable on penalties (3/3), Aucagne was one of the great artisans of Cantal’s success, bringing a total of 17 points to his team. Simply valuable in a final.

Lucas Roignant


CLERMONT-FERRAND (Marcel-Michelin Stadium). Stade Aurillacois beats Stade Toulousain, 37-26. Score at half-time: 10 to 13. Referee: M.Bouzac.


Aurillacois stadium: four tries from Van Rensburg (27th, 74th) and Khonelidze (57th, 60th), three penalties from Aucagne (17th, 80th, 80th), four conversions from Aucagne (27th, 59th, 62nd, 74th).

Stade Toulousain: two tries from Ntamack (2nd) and Hawkes (50th), four penalties from Auriac (8th, 31st, 54th, 74th), two conversions from Auriac (2nd, 52nd).

Score evolution. 0-7, 0-10, 3-10, 10-10, 10-13 (half time), 10-20, 10-23, 17-23, 24-23, 24-26, 31-26, 34 -26, 37-26.

Aurillac stadium. Margaret; Van Rensburg, Pieters, Bastard, Papunashvili; Aucagne (o), Alana (m); Shvangiradze, Cambon (cap), De Jong; Slamani, Moala; Dos Santos, Loughnane, Maffre.

Substitutes : Khonelidze, Mchelidze, Jongejean; Magne, Tissandier, Bayle, Maftei, Kardava.

Toulouse Stadium. Auriac; Descamps, Costes, Riguet, Bainivalu; Retière (o) (heading), Maka (m); Ntamack, Sentubery, Gest-Flory; Verge, Brennan; Hawkes, Boubila, Reilhes.

Substitutes : Ribeiro, Sebire, Portat, Labarthe, Danielli, Courties, Lacointa, Trauth.


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