EXCLU Plus belle la vie : Abdel et Elisa dénoncent leurs pères, Barbara tombe de haut, Babeth et Léa s'en vont

EXCLUDED More beautiful life: Abdel and Elisa denounce their fathers, Barbara falls from above, Babeth and Léa leave

EXCLUDED More beautiful life in advance: intrigues and spoilers in advance PBLV until July 8, 2022 At the end of the weekend and like every Sunday, it’s time for addicts to the France 3 series “Plus belle la vie” to find out more about what will happen in the next episodes. Indeed, Stars Actu reveals to you what will happen, in preview and exclusively.


And in three weeks, we can tell you that Abdel and Elisa will choose to denounce their fathers!

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The wait is unbearable for Elisa who thinks the police are going to arrest her father. Abdel is in a dilemma but Barbara pushes him to be combative and to reveal the truth. For now, he won’t tell Elisa what he saw on the video and the identity of the henchman. Tim, without Abdel’s agreement, shows the images to Elisa. She can’t get over seeing that her father is in cahoots with Abdel’s!


Elisa and Abdel spent the night talking and now Elisa knows more about the relationship between Abdel and Karim. They kiss passionately and decide to release the video incriminating their fathers. Tim is determined and he intends to finish his editing and put the video on the net. But he is short-circuited by Abdel who asks him to wait again. Abdel wants a copy of the video on a USB key to show it to Judge Colbert…

Elisa and Abdel have come to report to Barbara that the USB key is empty. For the latter it is a technical problem but Abdel and Elisa are not of this opinion. For them, Tim is playing a double game. Tim and Vincent Marceau meet in a discreet corner: Marceau has offered Tim the job of editor-in-chief of an independent online news site that his group has just bought in video exchange. When Barbara returns home, she sees Tim packing his bags…

Elisa and Abdel want to partner together and Abdel shows his beauty a sketch of a “Cabinet Fedala-Coutant” lawyer’s plate. That’s when Barbara rings the bell: they were right: Tim is a disgusting opportunist. Judge Colbert asks to see them. Since Abdel and Elisa did not get their hands on the video, Judge Colbert closed the investigation for lack of evidence.

For his part, Noé wakes up at Betty’s house and finds the courage to go and face Lola and Kilian. The latter did not expect to receive such a blow to the heart. She loves Noé so much and wonders how he could have come to this and betrayed her so much by falling in love with Betty…

Jeanne tells Léa and Babeth, who have contracted tuberculosis, that they will have to be transferred to a CLAT in the Basque Country. It’s a crushing blow for the two women… Boher and Patrick are helpless and Babeth and Léa make a pact to be strong. Goodbyes are heartbreaking…

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