Do Kwon: 'King of Fools' Accused of Cryptocurrency Market Collapse

Do Kwon: ‘King of Fools’ Accused of Cryptocurrency Market Collapse

  • Cecilia Barria
  • BBC News World

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Do Kwon is an elusive figure and hasn’t given interviews since the collapse of his cryptocurrency Terra.

That’s $40,000 million that disappeared overnight.

This is the amount lost by those who invested in two cryptocurrencies whose value crashed on May 13: luna and terra (also known as UST), both created by tech entrepreneur sud 30-year-old Korean Do Kwon.

His story is like that of many child prodigies who arrive in Silicon Valley with the idea of ​​creating the next big innovation that will revolutionize the market.

Kwon studied computer science at the prestigious Stanford University in the United States, and worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and Apple, until he founded Anyfi, a tech company dedicated to developing connectivity alternatives. .

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