Christophe Urios (Union Bordeaux-Bègles): “We have restored a truth”

Christophe Urios (Union Bordeaux-Bègles): “We have restored a truth”

Christopher Urios: “In the second half, I got the response I was looking for. In first, we were tense, imprecise, which did not allow us to start the game well. After the break, it was better, we did not get lost. With the week we’ve had, it makes sense. Maxime Lucu was good, but above all he was excellent during the week, he led this rebellion, was able to unite around him, was very good at taking responsibility, very good at defensive footwork.

Last week, I got pissed off because I took a big risk. We had to revolt. There, we just did what we should have done last week. Today, we just restored a truth. That’s what I told them after the match, without adding to it, because I didn’t really want to talk. There, we just returned to the level of last season, in the semi-finals. I took a risk because I targeted players. My fear was whether we would be able to remobilize in five or six days. This is the first time that my players were all against me to go to war. Matthieu Jalibert is a champion. But the big players make you win the big matches. Yesterday, I watched the Stade Toulousain, and I especially saw Antoine Dupont. »

Romain Buros, UBB full-back: “The week hasn’t been easy, but the group closed well and we saw that we were very united tonight, that’s what paid off. There was a lot of fighting for the first forty minutes. We started moving forward after the break, we played together. It’s a victory in character but not only. We were good in the game too, we had a solid match, it will help us to continue this final phase. We were coming out of a complicated match the weekend before in Perpignan.

It’s a final phase match, we were a little tense but nobody cheated and it was us who managed to free ourselves in the second half. The desire is there. Tonight, we showed that we deserved to be in the semi-finals. It’s a very good thing to arrive in Nice with full confidence. Montpellier? It’s a very physical team that had a very good season. Even if we beat them twice, it’s a half, the counters are reset. It’s been a tense week, but it’s something that needs to stay in the dressing room. It was a different week which, for me, was a very good week. »

Bastien Vergnes-Taillefer: “We said to ourselves before the match that we had to give everything. We beat them to wear, we won the forwards match. We recovered a lot of points from the scrum, which allowed us to go home and score points. At halftime, it was kif-kif, we had to press where it hurt, they seemed a little tired. After the defeat in Perpignan, we were not well, everyone was upside down.

Leaders like Maxime Lucu and François Trinh-duc have taken matters into their own hands. They organized the videos, talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, evoked the state of mind. Christophe (Urios) was so pissed off that he let the leaders handle the first two days of the week. Montpellier? There, we come out of a match that will give us great confidence. We know that we will be expected, it will be complicated but we will arrive there with the intention of winning the match. »

Maxim Lucu: “The public gave us strength. I use that a lot. As soon as the bus arrived, I took in the atmosphere of the stadium, it’s something that feels good, you have to use it to carry the team. We left forces in the battle, it’s a shame to go through this barrage. We failed in the half last season, now we are coming back to it. On the action of the first try, I found that there was a lack of rhythm and I saw that we were getting into their game too much. I saw a battle in the maul, an interval, and I said to myself that it was time to wake up the stadium.

We talked to each other during the week, we saw that we hadn’t done the job in Perpignan, we had to take this thing to write our story. We have been a little shy for some time, we have lost confidence, we had to find it again. The role of leader? It’s a role we should have taken a long time ago. It’s up to the players to take matters into their own hands, to do things differently, to point out what’s wrong. Regarding Matthieu and Cameron, that (the words of Urios) stung them, but it wasn’t just them, we all lost, we had to restore their confidence, that’s what we tried to TO DO. »


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