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Bordeaux-Begles. It’s tense between the players and Urios: “If it doesn’t go well, I’ll leave”

Bordeaux-Bègles qualified for the Top 14 semi-finals after a tense week between team-mates Matthieu Jalibert and manager Christophe Urios. (©Icon Sport)

“I got into the locker room this week. It’s the first time that ‘everyone against me to go to war’ has happened to me. I have never had to coach a group like that”. With his outspokenness that characterizes him so much, Christopher Urios recognized a great tension within the workforce of Bordeaux-Bèglesreassembled after certain comments made by his manager during the defeat of UBB in Perpignan, which had forced the Girondin group to go through a dangerous play-off match against Racing 92.

Disappointed by the result at Aimé-Giral, Urios had shown a certain fed up with broken promises. And had targeted the attitude of some of its executives, such as the internationals Matthew Jalibert and Cameron Woki. “If we want to be champions, we have to take a step forward. We have internationals, guys who are full of ambition and we have to go fast! Cameron, I don’t see it, Matthew, I don’t see it! “. Words that offended those concerned and stung a group that tightened without its coach.

Jalibert: “We are not playing for Christophe”

The week “has been very tense”, according to the words of Matthieu Jalibert, targeted by his manager. During Wednesday’s press briefing, the scheduled players preferred not to come, leaving Christophe Urios alone to speak. The reason: wanting to concentrate and tighten up before the jump-off. “It’s true, the week has not been easy, but the group has taken charge and we saw that we were very united”, reacted Sunday evening at a press conference the back Romain Buros . “There were no smiles in practice. I’m not sure we had fun training,” added Cameron Woki.

“I took a big risk, but we had to revolt! “assumed Christophe Urios. Before continuing: “Today, we just restored a truth. That’s what I told them after the game, being very basic because I didn’t want to talk. The proof of a heavy atmosphere, as evidenced also by the rather cold handshake between Jalibert and Urios when the international No. 10 left. He mentioned:

The best answer we could give is what we did tonight. I just want to say that we are not playing for Christophe. We are just on a mission for players like François Trinh-Duc or Louis Picamoles who are going to end their careers, and given everything they have given to French rugby, we just want to send them out the front door.

Matthew JalibertHalf opening of Bordeaux-Bègles, at the microphone of Canal +

Urios: “I’m the boss…”

“Disappointed with his match in Perpignan” last week, Cameron Woki, another executive targeted by Christophe Urios, said he was one of the players who spoke and things in hand during the week. He also made an unequivocal gesture – his finger to his mouth as if to ask to be quiet, as well as his hands to cover his ears – after the try he scored on the lawn of Chaban-Delmas against Racing 92 (36-16): “I think everyone has understood,” he simply said to Canal +without naming Christophe Urios in person.

“Let Cameron continue to score tries, but I would have preferred him to do it in Perpignan. The rest of the stories are smoke. The boss is me, no one else. I know where I want to go in Bordeaux. And if it doesn’t go, I will leave Bordeaux, ”retorted Urios. We would almost forget that the UBB has once again reached the semi-finals of the championship and that it will face Montpellier this Saturday June 18 (9:05 p.m.) to win its ticket to the Stade de France…

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