Ali Cho, case closed?

Ali Cho, case closed?

Mohamed-Ali Cho, closely followed by OM who hoped to recruit him this summer, will probably sign with Real Sociedad against a check between 12 and 15 million euros, and a 5-year contract.

OM, which had reached an agreement with SCO Angers, was struggling to convince the international hopeful to join the Marseille city. In this case, the competition is fierce as the list of interested clubs was long, among which we could name RB Salzburg, Manchester City, Eintracht Frankfurt or Betis Sevilla. But it is ultimately the last 6th in La Liga which should welcome the coveted Mohamed-Ali Cho. Indeed, it is the only club that has managed to secure an agreement with both Angers and the player.


Mohamed-Ali Cho chose Real Sociedad?

The one who signed his first professional contract at 16 and has since played 55 games in the top flight, was the typical profile sought by the Marseille management. That is to say a young post-training player with great potential like the previous recruits made by President Longoria. While the Marseille president had started discussions with the player’s entourage since April, it now seems unlikely to see him sign with OM.

The 18-year-old looking for a sporting project suited to his development would have preferred to choose Real Sociedad. A club in the Europa League which will try to aim higher next season. A club where he will normally evolve in support of two attackers, where he will be able to let his technique and his ease in duels speak for themselves. Unless the situation turns around, he will therefore indeed sign in Spain before the end of the month. According to the team, “If the date of the medical visit is not yet fixed, the international Espoirs has agreed with Real on the idea of ​​a five-year contract. »

Invited to the set of Football Club de Marseille, the journalist from the newspaper l’Equipe Mathieu Grégoire had mentioned the Mohamed Ali Cho file. The young 18-year-old striker is one of the tracks studied by Olympique de Marseille.

It’s his parents who manage it and they want to copy what Mbappé’s parents did

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“It’s a real issue that OM are working on. He is a depth player who goes fast, very young but inconstant. He made a good start to the season, a big game against Lyon after he left the team a bit. There is also something that concerns me, it is that he takes two red cards which shows a relative control of his nerves. Angers put him forward a lot to make a big transfer. It remains a player to rough. He doesn’t cost that much in transfer as he only has one year left on his contract, we are talking about 10-12 million euros, but he has huge demands in terms of salary. It’s his parents who manage it and they want to copy what Mbappé’s parents did. They want a big signing bonus and a big salary. » Mathieu Gregoire (Journalist L’Equipe) – Source: Football Club de Marseille.

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