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This good news that makes investors optimistic

Bitcoin is a virtual monetary unit anchored to a cryptographic system. It is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world which nevertheless remains volatile. After a long impressive fall, it is gradually gaining momentum. What’s happening with bitcoin? What makes investors optimistic?

The recovery of bitcoin on May 30

Bitcoin, following a stratospheric drop, is finally signaling a likely resurgence in value. In particular, it is experiencing a large daily increase which reinforces its solidity. Indeed, it manages to cross the $30,000 mark and climb to $31,000 on May 30, 2022. The price of bitcoin records an estimated daily gain of 6.94%.

Following this markup, investors are hoping for a solid bullish rally in bitcoin. With good consolidation, this cryptocurrency could be subject to a further rise to $35,000. This is the new specific objective for traders. Thus, bitcoin is likely to regain its image in the months to come.

Bitcoin price in real time:

A possible rebound of bitcoin in June

According to some financial analysts, a bitcoin rebound in June is entirely possible. In reality, the value of bitcoin depends on several financial factors. The latter maintains a connection with the dollar which has a huge impact on the world of cryptocurrency. As the dollar rises, bitcoin falls.

This explains the recent regression of this virtual currency against the parabolic rise of the dollar in recent months. In addition, the dollar has experienced a decline which reinforces the hope of a probable rebound in bitcoin in June. Additionally, the exponential moving average of bitcoin fear and greed which analyzes market sentiment over 90 days is at 23.56%. Analysts are also bullish on the Nasdaq and S&P500 rallies.

Bitcoin, despite being the first digital currency, is by no means stable. Despite its evolution in May, it experienced a weak monthly closing. Moreover, investors are expecting a bullish rally in June. However, this does not absolutely eliminate the maddening prospects of a return to bitcoin bearishness.

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