The Superior Council of Ulemas strongly condemns the content of the film “Saydiat Al Jannah”

The Superior Council of Ulemas strongly condemns the content of the film “Saydiat Al Jannah”


Here is the translation of the press release made public on Saturday June 11, 2022 by the Council on this subject.

“The Superior Council of Ulemas has taken cognizance of the overall content of the film produced recently under the title: “Saydiat Al Jannah” (The Lady of Paradise) and found the following.

1- The person who wrote the film belongs to a Shiite current. He was stripped of his Kuwaiti nationality for his extremist ideas.

2- This film, which constitutes a flagrant falsification of the facts, contains a heinous act which cannot be accepted by Muslims, namely the incarnation of the Prophet, peace and salvation be upon him.

3- The film dared with repugnant partiality to use the person of Fatima Zahra, may Allah be pleased with her, daughter of the Prophet, peace and salvation upon Him, for purposes at odds with the spirit of religion and the reality of the story.

4- The high rank of Fatima Zahra, may Allah be pleased with her, among all Muslim men and women does not need to resort to false allegations to talk about her.

5- The slanders against Sidna Abi bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, who was the subject of the greatest testimonies from the Prophet, are part of the scandals of this film.

6- Those who are behind this film seek fame and sensation, the promotion of their production, and the realization of the greatest number of spectators, by hurting the feelings of Muslims and by stirring up religious sensitivities.

For all these considerations, the Superior Council of Ulemas, which has the signal honor of being chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminin, descendant of the Prophet, may God assist him, strongly condemns the content of this film. and expresses its categorical rejection of the flagrant falsification of established facts of Islamic history. This falsification of facts, which harms Islam and Muslims, is rejected by all peoples, because it does not serve their higher interests among nations, especially in these times.

The Council invites the competent authorities to take all necessary measures in this regard”.

Following this position expressed by the CSO, the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) decided not to grant an authorization to this film. The Lady Of Heaven (La Dame du paradis) by director Eli King and author Yasser Al Habib and to prohibit its commercial or cultural projection on national territory.

In a press release, the CCM specifies that this decision comes following the position of the Superior Council of Ulemas which has the distinguished honor of being chaired by King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine, descendant of the Prophet, of Saturday June 11, 2022 condemning firmly the content of this film, which is contrary to the constants of the Kingdom of Morocco defined in the Constitution.

The competent services in the Kingdom usually authorize cinematographic and audiovisual works, whether they are shot within the national territory or abroad, to import them from the country of production and distribute them in theaters. of cinema within the national territory, in full respect of the legislative and regulatory texts governing the cinematographic sector in Morocco, if they are not contrary to the constants and the sacredness of the Kingdom, recalls the CCM.

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