The enigma László Bölöni / France / Metz /

The enigma László Bölöni / France / Metz /

While its vice-president Jean-Luc Müller hoped to see a young leader of men succeed Frédéric Antonetti, to aim for an express recovery in Ligue 1 next season, FC Metz has set its sights on László Bölöni, 69 spring, and old school joggers in the dressing room. The imminent appointment of the Romanian technician of mixed blood seems to come from a parallel world, as his feats of arms have aged as badly as his dogmas. Does all of this even make sense?

It is a team composition that has toured France without going through London or Copenhagen, like the Grande Boucle. On May 29, 2011, when AS Nancy Lorraine was still scouring the Ligue 1 meadows, Racing Club de Lens of László Bölöni (Ladislau or Loți in Romania) presented themselves to Marcel-Picot in 4-6-0 (or 4-5-1, it depends), with: a Yahia-Touré hinge to please Gad Elmaleh, Raphaël Varane as a sentry, Geoffrey Kondogbia as a false number 9 and Yohann Démont as an attacking leader on the right wing . Condemned for a long time to Ligue 2, the Northerners leave with a scathing 0-4, and the Romanian technician does not survive the summer. Eleven years later, the leaders of FC Metz, freshly relegated from Ligue 1, will draw the checkbook to afford a tandem Bölöni (coach) – Pierre Dréossi (technical director) who has just haunted the followers of Panathinaikos, hoping ‘opposite effect. But what is this binz?

Return of the Jedi… Stuck in the Nineties

” Priority ” of Lucien D’Onofrio, brand new adviser to President Bernard Serin who rubbed shoulders with him at Standard de Liège (Belgian champion in 2009), French-speaking Bölöni knows French football, since he finished his playing career there, then started his second life as a coach, at ASNL. Eight years in Lorraine, three seasons in Rennes, ten games in Monaco and half a season in Lens, before returning to his first love or almost, forty minutes north of Place Stanislas, at the garnet rival. The concern is that at 69, the former Champions League winner with Steaua Bucharest (1986), hard-working and dominant midfielder alongside Tudorel Stoica, star among the stars of Tricolorii Romanians, is now combined with the past tense.

If Mircea Lucescu still has it under his feet, Bölöni prohibits self-criticism and seems stuck in a spatio-temporal rift, sprinkling mist just as much on his teacher’s glasses as on the windows of the double-decker bus he likes to plant so much in front of him. his cages. Follower of a rudimentary football, with the rough accents of the last century, the authoritarian native of Târgu Mureș maintains with his hands “the art of the ugly”. He has also and above all become an element of folklore, forced to break out of his locker room to find psychological springs, in permanent conflict with his executives, sometimes the press and even his leaders, because of his caricatural communication and the sinews of war ( denarii). “Cristiano Ronaldo will be stronger than Eusébio. » A prediction made in the fall of 2002, when “Loți” launched CR7 into the deep end with Sporting CP, which still manages today to give credit to hunchbacked methods, too frontal to aim for stability.

László in Bölöniaise sauce

If Bölöni has always had an aptitude for detecting certain potentials and framing hotheads such as Didier Lamkel Zé at Antwerp (on loan to Metz at the end of the season, ironically) or Yohan Mollo at Panathinaikos (for a conversion to a right-back , please), the lights turn red as soon as the 1-0 Surgical falters. Between two experiences in the Gulf, the man with 102 capes in the national team managed to be fired from La Gantoise after 25 days, his president pointing “a casting error” , and is no longer even in the odor of sanctity at home, in Romania. The reason ? Not because he ended up refusing the post of coach after endless negotiations on a six-figure contract, but because of an increasingly ambiguous proximity to the regime of Viktor Orbán.

Coming from the Szekler minority, the Magyarophones of Transylvania, whose symbolic and belated integration into the “Hungarian nation” for electoral purposes is combined with the expansionist and pan-nationalist hints of the leader of Fidesz, Bölöni will be entitled to his documentary- tribute entirely financed by the Hungarian state… while he never evolved or coached there. Analyst for the Hungarian daily Nemzeti Sports at Euro 2020, the future Messin was also seen on a pilgrimage to Șumuleu Ciuc, the flag of the autonomists – with a strong separatist tendency, in “homage” to Hungary of the 64 Counties – of the self-proclaimed “Szekilian country” in hand, smile ear to ear. The garnet people probably already know it: if the Graoully does not spit fire quickly, it is because László Bölöni smells of sulphur.

By Alexander Lazar


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