Salle de bains petite. Des idées et astuces pour bien l’aménager 

Small bathroom: Ideas and tips for furnishing it well

When you love decor, fitting out a small bathroom can look like a real obstacle course and be frustrating. But not insurmountable! Fortunately, this space problem is not inevitable and can be solved with a few smart tips and ideas.

In this new article, the Leenkus editorial staff reveals some ideas and tips for making this discreet room in the house. As practical as it is charming and pleasant to live in. Follow the leader !

Small bathroom: Bet on smart storage

Small bathroom: Bet on smart storage

The corners of the bathroom are rarely used. From now on, in order to optimize the space as much as possible, you can then install a small corner cabinet which will therefore save storage space. This without cluttering up the bathroom.

Also, bet on high and thin furniture, for example the bamboo ladder. Very trendy and practical for installing towels or even laying down your clothes. Is the washbasin the only storage unit in the bathroom? Free it up by installing storage accessories to hang directly on the wall (coat hook or bathroom organizer, etc.)

Small space does not mean lack of decoration

Small space does not mean lack of decoration

Generally, the bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that is regularly neglected in terms of decoration. However, we spend a large part of our lives there. So, as much to make it pleasant, all the more so when it is small.

If the room is dark, then opt for pretty towels and bath mats in light tones that will actually help to brighten up and illuminate the bathroom. Also, to give an impression of grandeur, consider installing large mirrors. The ideal is to opt for 2 in 1 furniture, integrating both storage spaces and mirrors. Similarly, depending on the exposure of your bathroom, add a small plant suitable for humid climates which will give your space a lot of character.

Want to redo your bathroom?  Invest in compact, multifunctional furniture.

Want to redo your bathroom? Invest in compact and multifunctional furniture

If you want to embark on a more ambitious redevelopment of the bathroom by investing in new storage furniture… For a minimum loss of space, the Leenkus editorial staff advises you to choose very compact and ergonomic models with deep drawers .


Indeed, some pieces of furniture also incorporate pull-out laundry baskets that are much less cumbersome than what is found on the market. The latter can thus contain the washing machine or the dryer. In addition, hanging furniture frees up some floor space. This by making household chores easier.

Choosing the right shower!

Choosing the right shower!

Finally, for an optimized refitting of your bathroom… Favor the shower, transparent to limit any visual obstacle and enlarge the room, to the bathtub. Also, if possible, include some small storage niches, very useful for storing your cleaning products.

The ideal is to opt for an Italian shower which will instantly give an impression of space.

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