RUGBY. 25 plaquages pour Elstadt, West omniprésent, etc. Les stat’ de Toulouse vs La Rochelle

RUGBY. 25 tackles for Elstadt, omnipresent West, etc. Toulouse vs La Rochelle stats

Whatever happens, the statistics are figures to be relativized and analyzed under the prism of the final score. This Saturday, June 11, this rule was no exception. For this first Top 14 play-off between Stade Toulousain and Stade Rochelais, it is the Maritimes who lead the way in ESPN Scrum data. For example, La Rochelle have traveled almost 500 meters with the ball in hand when their opponents have accumulated a hundred less. The same in defense, the Toulousains made almost twice as many tackles for a ratio of successful muscular calinous slightly lower than their opponents. And for good reason, Toulouse has distributed constantly to its opponents. Yesterday, the general impression gives the idea of ​​a Stade Toulousain who prevented his opponent from setting up his game. However, the 28 kicks in Thomas Ramos’ game looked like invitations to the game somehow little poisoned.

VIDEO.  TOULOUSE STADIUM.  For Dupont, Castres is an enemy he “knows very well”VIDEO. TOULOUSE STADIUM. For Dupont, Castres is an enemy he “knows very well”Thus, the Rochelais game has been well established in Wallonia. The numbers don’t lie. For good reason, Ihaia West (32) made approximately the same number of passes as Antoine Dupont (34). Conversely, Romain Ntamack distributed only 4 small occasions to his teammates. A 10 which passes as much as a 9, the idea of ​​what makes you think of an unprecedented rouste. However, it was without counting on a weapon of mass destruction dressed in red and black: Rynhardt Elstadt. Not sure that on December 20, 1989 in Johannesburg the parents of the South African secateurs expected to give birth to such a machine to tackle. Indeed, where no Rochelais exceeds 10 tackles, the Toulouse third line, he investigated 25 on the meeting. A performance all the more capital as it represents almost double the second best cuddler Toulouse, Anthony Jelonch and his 13 tackles.TOP 14. Toulouse broke ''all records'' in training before La RochelleTOP 14. Toulouse broke ”all records” in training before La RochelleThus, this X factor in defense will have reassured Toulouse. The 60% possession and 55% maritime occupation will not have changed the situation. A sterilized domination by the Toulouse defense got the better of Ronan O’Gara’s men. Add to that the extraordinary efficiency of Toulouse, with Arnold who looks like a center on his breakthrough. The bankruptcy at the foot of the Rochelais at the start of the match also cast doubt on the shoulders of Greg Alldritt’s teammates. Even so, it was Toulouse who showed unusual inefficiency in this area with only 63% success against the poles. According to Rugbyrama, Ronan O’Gara spoke at the end of the match about the face shown by his training. The Irish technician seemed largely disappointed: “The lack of precision is obvious, but the gap between the two teams was too big. It’s a seventh defeat against Toulouse and we have to accept it, but above all we have to find a way to stop it.” And indeed, it seems that Toulouse has kept the recipe for the magic potion allowing them to beat the irreducible Rochelais. To see if this recipe will continue to prove itself against Castres Olympique in the semi-finals.

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