Prédictions du prix Shiba Inu (SHIB) : Le prix du SHIB va-t-il atteindre 1 euro cette année ?

Here’s why the price of SHIB is falling

Shiba Inu is a decentralized cryptocurrency that came into existence in August 2020. It was created to be intentionally abundant unlike bitcoin which is scarce. The crypto has seen a regression in its value in recent weeks. Here are the Shiba Inu news.

The arrogance of Ryoshi, its founder

Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency set up by a mysterious creator nicknamed Ryoshi. Downstream of its success in autumn 2021, this small canine piece is the victim of a regression in its merit. Indeed, the latter is also a victim of the general fall of virtual currencies with a degeneration of its value.

However, it remains in the top of the investments, because it knows a certain revival. But it would seem that its founder is working for a singular evolution of this token. The legendary Ryoshi has completely disappeared from the networks. After a long silence on his Medium blog for a year, he reappears leaving a last message. This gave the impression that the creator of Shiba Inu would like to see the latter evolve on its own.

Following this message, Ryoshi deletes all his publications as well as his Twitter account. Faced with this sudden disappearance, a lot of speculation is being made. This could be the basis for a further decline in the price of the Shiba Inu. However, is it an abandonment, a change of life or a troll?

Shiba Inu course in real time:

The doubts of the SHIB community

72% of owners of this token are subject to loss. This can only be explained by the impressive drop in the general price of cryptocurrencies during this period. But faced with the withdrawal of the social networks of the founder of this project, a great doubt has settled in the community. Many worry and fear the gradual disappearance of this same coin. Moreover, it remains in the top of the investments currently.

It is very difficult to predict the evolution of a meme coin like the Shiba Inu which continues to surprise. Despite the lack of presence of the creator of this virtual room on the networks which pays the news, Shiba Inu tends to survive. The mysterious creator Ryoshi now relies on his large community for the evolution of this cryptocurrency.

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