Première sortie officielle et confidences du couple Hollande-Gayet à Tulle (Corrèze)

First official outing and confidences of the Hollande-Gayet couple in Tulle (Corrèze)

After a passage this Saturday, June 11 on the market of Tulle, the newlyweds François Hollande and Julie Gayet appeared once again in public, this Sunday morning, in Tulle, a week after their marriage in the intimacy of their city of heart .

Exclusive: François Hollande and Julie Gayet got married in Tulle (Corrèze)

They arrived shortly before 11:30 a.m. to vote at the Latreille Hall office.

Accompanied by Bernard Combes, mayor of the city, François Hollande arrived first, on foot, by the Nacre footbridge, a few minutes before his wife, leaving fear for a moment to the journalists of the magazine press present that the photo “people” of the torque would not be possible.

Julie Gayet all smiles

But Julie Gayet did join her husband a few minutes later by car. After having voted in a relatively deserted room, all smiles, she slipped that she would keep her name.

The pleasure of an actress is that we always keep her name. I will always be Julie Gayet

Asked about the destination of the honeymoon while having a coffee at his table, at the Tavern, François Hollande joked as usual.

I encourage everyone to come and have their honeymoon in Tulle. We celebrate everything there, presidential victories like weddings

Francois Hollande (former President of the Republic)

This public outing was an opportunity to learn a little more about their union, which took place on Saturday June 4 in the afternoon in all discretion at the Hôtel-de-Ville in Tulle.

Who are the witnesses?

A marriage “in small committee” of ten people including four witnesses.

Jean-Pierre Jouyet, former secretary general of the Élysée of François Hollande, whom he knew on the benches of the ENA when the two men were in the Voltaire promotion and Jean-Louis Audren, surgeon, “a friend of high school,” said François Hollande.

Julie Gayet had, for her witnesses, her friend the singer Benjamin Biolay and Catherine, her best friend.

François Hollande and Julie Gayet had a coffee at President Hollande’s table at the Tavern, after voting

Beef ribs on the menu

The couple had decided to make it simple by inviting their loved ones to their table in their Tullist home. No caterer for the occasion but on the menu of “beef ribs bought at the Tulle market”, said the former mayor of the city of seven hills.

As for the bride’s bouquet, it was bought from a florist in Tulle, the Coussaert house, who did not know that it was planned for the wedding. “It was when I saw the photo that I knew, says the shopkeeper. Julie Gayet often comes to the store. She is very nice. She had come the Saturday before, telling me that she needed flowers in order to decorate his table for his birthday”.

The day before her wedding, June 3, the actress celebrated her 50th birthday.

Laetitia Soulier, photos Agnès Gaudin


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