film threatened with boycott after new revelation about Amber Heard

film threatened with boycott after new revelation about Amber Heard

Aquaman was the movie highest grossing in DCEU history. For Warner, it was therefore obvious to produce a sequel to the blockbusternaturally resuming its two headliners, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. The studios certainly didn’t expect that the trial opposing the actress to her ex-husband Johnny Depp so many waves. If he has just been loop, the repercussions continue to grow. And while many thought thatAmber Heard would be removed from the assembly ofAquaman 2, a new revelation about him comes once again threaten the film’s success at the box office.

Aquaman 2the repercussions of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Although it may be over, the repercussions around the two actors and their respective projects continue unabated. If Johnny Depp, big winner of this long legal battle of more than five yearssaw her Tik Tok account explode, the news is not so good for the actressAquaman. After being the target fervent defenders of the interpreter of Jack Sparrowshe was targeted by a petition asking for her withdrawal from the film.Aquaman 2.

Whether the filming of the Warner film has already been completed for several monthsthe actress revealed at the trial that she did not know “if she was one of them”. She then explained that she had shot fewer scenes than plannedand evoked the possibility of having been cut during editing. Remarks which echo those of Walter Hamada, president of DC Films, who had affirmed that the studio had considered parting ways with Amber Heard for Aquaman 2. The latter had also asked the scriptwriters to modify the turn of the script so that this continued either “like a pal comedy between Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson“.

Revelations that obviously made the happiness of Johnny Depp fans, only asking that Amber Heard suffer the same fate as the actor, who was dumped by Disney and fired Fantastic Beasts 3 because of his trial. But here it isa new twist could change everything… Peter Safran, the producer ofAquaman 2 hinted that studios won’t respond to fan pressure over Amber Heard’s withdrawalwhich by the way, would have “more screen time”. Enough to get the wrath of Internet users on social networks…

Amber Heard finally featured in Aquaman 2 ?

In parallel, on June 10, 2022, Dolph Lundgren, interpreter of King Nereus, came confirm this idea with TMZ. The actor not only claims that Amber Heard is indeed part of the scenario ofAquaman 2but in addition, “she was great and adorable with the whole team”:

She was great. I worked with her on the first Aquaman, now the second. We shot last fall in London. She’s great, I had a great experience with her. She was very nice, nice to the crew, nice to everyone, just down to earth. She had her newborn baby with her on set with the nanny who was quite cute.

Despite the petition asking for his removal from the film, signed by almost 5 million peopleAmber Heard will therefore be part ofAquaman 2 and should not be cut in editing as many thought. Since this revelation, Johnny Depp fans call for a boycott of the filmeven though they regret dragging Jason Momoa into the fall of Amber Heard.

“The only sure way to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 is if we all collectively turn our backs on this movie. Movies are a consumer driven industry, WE are the consumers. You don’t like something; don’t waste your $$”, “I hope Aquaman 2 is the failure of the century, Amber Heard is a liar”, “I love Jason Momoa, but my disgust for her is greater. It’s a shame he’s embroiled in this mess, but I’m going to boycott the movie”, “There’s not enough heat in Jason Momoa (forgive me for countering that a company (@warnerbros) stands with an aggressor turned out,” “I signed the petition but it’s still in the movie. Ok, I’m also boycotting Aquaman 2 alongside the other 4.5 million people who don’t want to give Warner Bros their money for backing a aggressor”, can we read on both sides.

You understand, Aquaman 2 once again finds itself in turmoil. Whether the Warner does not bend a minimum to the demands of the fansthe film risks flop in dark roomsunless new twists shake up the established order in the meantime. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be available in March 2023 at the cinema.

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