the press conference of Deschamps and Lloris before the match in Austria

Deschamps and Kimpembe in conference before Croatia

Deschamps on Kimpembe promoted to captain: “He’s a fighter”

“He’s a fighter, an expressive leader too, he’s had some experience with us. In absolute terms, I could have put others in but when he had to do it for the second game he filled that role there.”

Deschamps justifies his choice not to use Clauss

“Jonathan has piston qualities. In absolute terms he can play in a four-man defense but I don’t want to put him in difficulty if that’s not where he feels best. He knows how to do it but defend like he does it with his club in a corridor and a four-man defense doesn’t require the same work.”

Deschamps compares Nkunku and Griezmann

“These are two different profiles anyway. Christopher is perhaps more attacking than Antoine who likes to be in the construction. Athletically, it’s not the same thing either. Not that Christopher is clumsy with his feet, but he has this ability in the aerial field. Despite a size that is not insane, he has the jump, can go in depth. Antoine can do it too but he is more in animation and construction Game.”

Annoyed by the question of the guards, Deschamps puts an end to the debate

“Make the debates you want, he’s a top-level sportsman. He’s used to it, it’s not the fact that I divide up the matches, so much the better that we have two very good goalkeepers, you never know what he’s up against. can happen. I’m not going to plead for that but as long as Hugo maintains his level of performance… It’s also giving Mike the opportunity to play, he’s been there for a while.”

Deshamps evokes the perilous management of Mbappé

“I manage. With Kylian and others, I have discussions. Kylian is not 100%. It was expected that he would do half an hour in the last game. This is the last game. We have to make sure to regroup all our forces to finish this camp well and win against Croatia with Kylian and all those who can start and return.”

Deschamps takes stock of available players

Three players will stay inside, Hernandez, Saliba and Diaby. Two other players will train separately: Benzema and Kamara. The others, including Kylian, will participate in the collective session.

Deschamps’ focus on systems

“I haven’t changed my mind about the system, there are different options. Doesn’t it mean we have a single system, we might have to change it during the match? It’s not because the last two matches we haven’t played three central defenders that we have to put this system in the trash. When we are in competition, a system emerges at one time or another. It’s rather interesting in the sense that the opponent can have difficulties. We are less predictable for the opponent.”

Deschamps talks about rotation

“This is not a squad review. All the teams change from one match to another. There are also small problems that may arise during the previous match. Almost all the players will have had more playing time than if we had had two matches. For the future, it’s a good thing. It’s the truth of the moment, not necessarily that of November.”

Deschamps replaces Kimpembe

“Nothing that annoys me. I adapt each time to make sure not to take risks with the players if they feel very tired.”

Kimpembe gives news of PSG

“I said that my next contract will be decisive, that I wanted to be able to know what the club’s project was. I didn’t say anything bad. I arrived at the club I was 9-10 years old. C It is legitimate to be able to ask your club what the future project is and what role will be assigned to me. I am focused on the Blues and the match tomorrow.”

Kimpembe on Nkunku’s progress in Germany

“Surprising? No. Christopher, I’ve known him for years. He’s a talented boy, he needed this opportunity. He showed his full palette at Leipzig.”

Kimpembe aware of the challenge tomorrow

“Of course we think about it. We know that this team shouldn’t be in this place. It’s a very important match. It’s an obligation to win tomorrow, we’re all aware of that, which is why we’re going get ready tonight.”

Kimpembe: “stay in the race”

“We are the defending champions, it’s an important competition for us. We’re going to try to have fun. We know the importance of this match to stay in the race.”

Kimpembe: “A great match tomorrow, it is important to us to win this battle”

“Nothing to forget, even if these are more difficult times than others, everything is good to take, that’s how we move forward. We know that tomorrow will be a great match, it is important to us to win this battle.”

Kimpembe on Maignan’s season

“Mike, I know him well, he’s a goalkeeper who always questions himself. I know he’s someone who is competitive. I’m glad he joined us.”

Kimpembe on his versatile profile in the axis of defense

“Of course, I already answered this question before the first match against Croatia. I am capable. The coach gives us a position, you have to have this ability to play anywhere.”

Kimpembe arrived first

On his status as a manager in the absence of Varane: “It’s a natural role that I’m used to having at PSG. I’m one of the oldest in this group. I don’t think they have they need me so much, they are young people but they already have some experience at their club. But it is a role that I like to occupy.”

Maignan holder against Croatia

Already holder during the trip to Croatia on Monday (1-1), Mike Maignan will again keep the cage of the France team this Monday, at the Stade de France, for the return match against Croatia in the League of Nations. Like Hugo Lloris, the AC Milan goalkeeper will have played two games during this gathering.


Mbappé fit against Croatia

“Is Mbappé fit to play against Croatia? Yes, as he said, although he still has a feeling that is not ideal. He is much less embarrassed than he was at the start weekdays when he couldn’t train. He was ready to do half an hour, it was planned. He used his knee where he has this discomfort. There are contacts but we do everything so that he can be there tomorrow”, said Didier Deschamps on Sunday at the microphone of Téléfoot.

It remains to be seen how many minutes Mbappé will be able to play on Monday evening, before going on vacation.

Benzema in support of Griezmann

We must save Private Griezmann. The Atlético de Madrid player had another difficult match this Friday, during the draw between the France team and Austria (1-1) for the third day of the League of Nations. All the more visible as Kylian Mbappé, who entered in his place in the second period, changed the course of the match, in particular by equalizing.

In the mixed zone, Karim Benzema took up the defense of the former Barcelonan: “I’m not here to judge so and so. We are here to help all the players, regardless of who scores or does not score. the main thing is to keep working. Anyway, at some point, he’s going to score. We’re not here to say that it’s been so many matches that he hasn’t scored… I don’t don’t see it like that. I hope for him, and for us too, that in the next match he will score or make an assist. For me, it’s not especially what you have to watch, you have to watch the other things he does. He does a lot of defensive substitutions, he helps the team every time.”

Kanté and Lucas Hernandez left the rally

They were 24, they are now only 22. The France team will have to compose without N’Golo Kanté and Lucas Hernandez for the fourth and last match of June in the League of Nations, against Croatia on Monday evening at the Stade of France. The two world champions left the gathering of the Blues on Saturday.

The Chelsea midfielder is suffering from knee pain. The Bayern defender has found his companion who is waiting for a happy event.

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Beaten by Denmark (2-1), then hung by Croatia (1-1) and Austria (1-1), the France team will want to return to victory on Monday against the Croats, for the fourth day of the League of Nations. Didier Deschamps will be at a press conference this Sunday at 4 p.m.

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