Cristiano Ronaldo, the crazy numbers of a scoring machine

Cristiano Ronaldo, the crazy numbers of a scoring machine

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Against Switzerland on June 5, Cristiano Ronaldo wrote his legend in football a little more. Author of a new double in selection, the fivefold Ballon d’Or brings his total to… 117 achievements in 188 matches. Just that. In addition to obviously being the top scorer in the history of football and the top scorer in the history of selections ahead of Ali Daei (109 goals in 148 matches), CR7 therefore continues to push the records it holds even further. . With Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo never stopped scoring, being decisive and carrying his own. And when he opened his goal counter in the red and green jersey, 18 years ago all right, on June 12, 2004 against Greece at the Euro (with a header in the 93rd minute), only he expected to break record after record and string together goals like hot cakes. Because in 18 years, Cristiano Ronaldo has had time to score and in all possible and unimaginable ways in selection. The range of his 117 goals illustrates this perfectly.

Since his debut under the colors of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo has martyred defenses, and not just a little. His favorite victim? Luxembourg since it has scored 9 goals (in 10 matches) against this opponent. Lithuania and Sweden come just behind with 7 goals. But everything does not necessarily succeed in CR7 and he obviously has pet peeves with his selection. The Manchester United star has yet to score against Italy (2 matches) and England (3 matches). An anomaly, because Ronaldo managed to score at least one goal at 46 nations during his career. Obviously a record. Not the only one he holds since he is also the top scorer in the European Championship, qualifications included (45 goals), the top scorer in the final phase of the Euro (14 goals in 5 different final phases) or even the top scorer in the World Cup qualifiers (34 goals) to name a few.

Many doubles and realism in the end of the match

It’s no secret that throughout his career, the Real Madrid legend has racked up goals, doubles, hat-tricks, quadruplets and sometimes even quintuplets (only at club level). His recent brace against Switzerland was the 19th of his career with Portugal. Crazy numbers when you know that some attackers do not even reach this bar in their club career. He also scored several hat-tricks (8) and managed the feat of scoring a quadruple twice (against Andorra and Lithuania). In addition to being a formidable goalscorer, Cristiano Ronaldo also has the strength to turn matches around and bring victory to his team. When he scores, it is also rare to see Portugal bow. During his career, he scored in 75 games with his team. Balance sheet? When he scores, the Iberian formation wins almost all the time (62 wins, 6 draws and only 7 small defeats).

Over the years, CR7 does not seem to be particularly impacted by the external context. And if he is logically more comfortable at home (56 goals), he also succeeds well outside (34 goals) or even on neutral ground (27 goals). Moreover, the fivefold Ballon d’Or has a certain consistency in the meetings and is able to strike at any time. His favorite moment in matches? The second period (68) and more particularly between the 76th and 85th minutes (18 goals). His highest total just before the last minutes of the matches as he scored 17 goals between the 86th and 90th minutes. Proof of the complete scorer that he is, if he still needs more, on his 117 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 63 with the right foot, 26 with the left foot, and 28 with the head. He also converted 16 penalties and sent 10 free kicks into the net. In short, simply the ultimate striker. Finally, CR7 can also thank Joao Moutinho and Ricardo Quaresma who were the best passers in the selection with eight offerings each.

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