Cash, Evan Fournier sends a missile to Draymond Green!

Cash, Evan Fournier sends a missile to Draymond Green!

As Steph Curry carries the Warriors into these NBA Finals, Draymond Green can’t say the same. Far from his best level, the interior is almost useless for his team, to the point that Steve Kerr no longer hesitates to put him on the bench if necessary. Brought to speak on his services, Evan Fournier was very cash on his counterpart.

Returned to 2-2 in these finals against the Celtics, the Warriors regained confidence in the last game, thanks to a huge Stephen Curry. No less than 43 points for the Chef (summary here), which allows his team to go home with a perfect equality, and the mad desire to win in Game 5, in order to take a first match point. If Steph will be important, it is also the case for other players, like Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, but especially Draymond Green, if he wants to wake up.

Evan Fournier cash in the Draymond Green soap opera

So important to the Dubs in recent years, on both sides of the court, Dray is far from his best at the moment. He always manages to defend, of course, but he has become a real problem in attack, where he too often loses the ball for example. Worse ? The Celtics prefer the snub to focus on other players, and it’s a tactic that’s been working pretty well so far. Evan Fournier, present in NBA Extra on Bein Sports this Saturday, reveals its opinion.

Evan Fournier : It’s clearly not great for Golden State. In fact we see that Draymond is looking for himself, when he is often the quarterback of his team. The problem is that nobody really manages to stand out, so he keeps the ball too long, he often looks right, left, but nobody is free because of the Boston defense.

At the turn of this technical analysis, the French rear, always very cash, also took the opportunity to send a missile to Draymond:

Heuuu it is a bit useless in truth, it is a bit useless.

Before resuming his explanation:

And he needs to be more aggressive, at least watch the circle. As soon as he decides to attack the circle, he goes halfway there. Suddenly Boston, which they do very intelligently, rather to help on the drive, they all go to defend their guys and prevent the drive-and-kick (take out the ball, editor’s note) and a three-point shot. Since Draymond doesn’t finish very well in the circle, nothing happens. He tries to put the rhythm however, but he does not succeed. When we intrinsically look at his qualities as a player, he doesn’t dribble very well, he doesn’t shoot very well, he’s more into activity, reading, serving others. But since Boston defends very well, he has trouble finding his place.

Has Green become a drag? No for Evan, who insists on the defensive qualities of the player. Still, the Dubs won without him against the Celtics, since Kerr decided to bench him in the last quarter. He’s becoming a real problem, even though everyone at Golden State hopes he’s temporary. In the meantime, we will have to find solutions, because his performances are worrying, especially for a final.

Very difficult period for Draymond Green, not spared by Evan Fournier in these NBA finals. The interior must do better, but can it against Boston? If this is not the case, Steve Kerr will have to make strong decisions, and quickly. Answer in the next few days.

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